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Ted Cruz’s SCOTUS hearing stunt blows up right in his fear-mongering face

Senator Ted Cruz put on quite the performance this week during the confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson, including an attempt to tie Jackson, the first Black woman nominated to the Court, to the supposed dangers of “critical race theory.”

During his questioning, Cruz held up several books “either assigned or recommended,” to students at a D.C. prep school where the judge is on the board of trustees, as if they somehow proved Jackson’s viewpoints. Thanks to his stunt, at least two of the books are now bestsellers.

“If you look at the Georgetown Day School’s curriculum, it is filled and overflowing with critical race theory,” Cruz said, highlighting a stack of books including Alex S. Vitale’s The End of Policing.

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“I have not reviewed any of those books, any of those ideas — they don’t come up in my work as a judge, which I am, respectfully, here to address,” Jackson responded.

Sales of the book skyrocketed after the stunt, and as of Friday morning it’s number one in Amazon’s sociology of race relations category.

“Thanks to Ted Cruz, The End of Policing is now the #1 Best Seller in Gov. Social Policy,” Vitale tweeted, including a screenshot of the Amazon ranking.

In a followup tweet, Vitale joked that, “Every purchase now comes with a vial of Ted Cruz tears.”

“This seems to be just another example of the Senator’s intentional confusing of a specific school of legal scholarship and the broader effort to shed light on the nature and history of racism in America,” wrote Vitale in a statement.

Other books Cruz used as props have also seen massive spikes in sales.

Ibram X. Kendi’s How to be an Antiracist is number two in race relations, and his children’s book Antiracist Baby, to which Cruz focused on heavily, is the number one children’s book and the number two bestseller for all books sold on Amazon.