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Ted Haggard Can’t Wait to Stack His Church With Self-Hating Drag Queens and Leather Daddies

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“Absolutely,” Ted Haggard tells radio host and marijuana advocate Mason Tvert about accepting LGBTs at his newly formed St. Jame’s Church. But just because he won’t let those queers get married under his cross, he’ll still let ’em sit in the pews. “If you review the list in the New Testament you come to the conclusion that everybody’s a sinner. Gay, straight, bi, Republican, Democrat, nice little lady at the grocery store, priest, preacher — everybody’s a sinner, everybody needs redemption, everybody needs God to bless them. Everybody needs that, and where we go wrong is when we in society start to say, this one group is a particular problem, rather than say all of us are in equal need of God’s love.”

(Cute to 9:57 for the relevant segment)