Ted Haggard Declares: I’m Cured of Homosexuality! Wife Gayle Declares: Ted Is a Hypocrite!

When Ted Haggard tweeted this week that his wife Gayle would be stopping by the Today show, to pimp her new book and their HBO documentary, we were thrilled that we’d be hearing tidbits from the wife’s side of this should-have-been-wrecked marriage. And then we learned the pair would be popping in on Oprah for another round of transparency? Butterflies!

Gayle had previous reasons to suspect Ted, then the pastor of New Life, was hitting it with men, she tells Meredith Vieira. Namely, because Ted told her about past indiscretions. But we learn Gayle is as addicted to accepting her husband’s apologies as he is addicted to sex with men.

Well, that was until the twosome started going to therapy three years ago — which cured Ted of The Gay. “I have not had one compulsive thought or behavior. … Not at all [do I feel homosexual leanings].” Of course, we’re not buying any of this. Maybe Ted is just, simply, bisexual. But ya know what? We’re sort of over it. If Ted and Gayle are happy together in their denial of what any trained shrink would tell you is all but impossible, bless them. And bless Gayle for, once again, willing herself to believe that “sexuality is conditioned.”

And here’s to their amazing sex life.

(Please stay tuned to the 8:00 minute mark, where Gayle acknowledges, waywardly, that her Bible-thumping husband is a hypocrite.)

MORE: Clips from Oprah via Young Turks:

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