Does that make it a first date?

Ted Haggard Masturbated In Front of Unwilling and Uncomfortable Church Volunteer


SCANDAL — Praise be the lord, Ted Haggard has owned up to his second (of how many?) gay sexual relationships! Interesting, of course, only because this man once used Jesus’ name to condemn homos, and newsworthy now only because the man has a HBO documentary to promote. So it makes sense he acknowledged what everybody else knows: Once you go buttcrack, you never go back. But the new part of the story actually worth checking out is CNN’s interview with Haggard’s involuntary sex partner Greg Haas, who turned to alcohol, just like Mike Jones, to deal with the stress of having Haggard allegedly start masturbating in front of him against Haas’ will. Did we mention Haas also secretly recorded Haggard trying to convince him not to go public?



The incident occurred when the two men were in bed together, Grant Haas said in a videotaped interview played on CNN’s “Larry King Live.”

“He pretty much asked me if it was OK if he masturbated in front of me or masturbated in the bed next to me,” Haas said. “I told him no, it would make me really uncomfortable. But he grabbed a bottle of lotion and started masturbating.”

Haas added, “(Haggard) used to say to me, ‘You know what, Grant, you can become a man of God, and you can have a little bit of fun on the side.”

Haggard, 52, said the incident was “an indicator of the compulsive behavior” that ruled him at the time. However, he said he has been undergoing therapy during the two years since and “working it out.” [CNN]

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