Ted Haggard: The Return!

Colorado Springs’ most famous stain has reappeared!

Ted Haggard spent years damning homosexuality from his pulpit at New Life Church, but found himself ousted after rent boy Mike Jones outed him as a meth-smoking homo. The disgraced Haggard soon moved to Arizona, where he and his family vowed to work through their very public problems. Well, now he’s back, but not to his old tricks.

Under a severance deal that Ted Haggard reached with the church in 2006, he agreed to leave Colorado Springs and not talk about the scandal publicly. The deal expired at the end of 2007. New pastor Brady Boyd said Haggard was now free to live where he wanted and has returned to Colorado Springs.

“They have moved back and they live in the original house that they lived in for many years,” Boyd said of Haggard and his wife, Gayle.

Haggard answered the telephone at his Colorado Springs telephone number on Sunday and confirmed he was in the city but said he couldn’t talk to reporters.

Well that’s a damn shame. We’d love to hear how his “degayification” process went!