Ted Haggard Turns The Men Kneeling In His Living Room Into A Business

Disgraced anti-gay bigot—not George Rekers surprisingly—Ted Haggard decided to incorporate the group of whack-a-doodles praying in his Colorado Springs living room, or as he likes to call them, the St. James Church.

The alleged hooker-daddy and meth-user has been holding prayer groups in his home ever since he got booted from his senior pastor post at the New Life megachurch where he used to spew his homophobic message of Christ-love, masturbate in front of unwilling church volunteers, and pay them off with hush money.

Haggard claims that he incorporated his living room church to track travel costs for when he speaks at churches and on low-rated talk shows like Larry King Live to convince America of his “redemption”.

Just keep a free row in that Excel spreadsheet in case another working boy comes out of the woodwork and fingers him.