strange bedfellows

Ted Olson Supports Carly Fiorina’s Senate Bid. Carly Fiorina Supports Prop 8. Huh!

Carly Fiorina, the former HP chief who’s running to unseat Barbara Boxer from her California post in the U.S. Senate, has made no secret of her support for Prop 8, which was just declared unconstitutional today. Interesting, then, that among “a group of 100 business figures backing her campaign” is Ted Olson, the former U.S. solicitor general who just secured a Prop 8 win.

California’s gay activists haven’t overlooked Fiorina’s support. Says Courage Campaign chairman Rick Jacobs: “In NOM, Carly Fiorina has aligned herself with a fringe group that relies on lies and fear to advocate discrimination and second-class citizenship for millions of loving American families.”

And not that campaign supporters need to back a candidate on 100 percent of her platform, but it seems a bit counter-productive for Olson, who’s been charged with handling the highest-profile civil rights case of the decade, to support a candidate who wanted nothing more than to see him lose.