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Ted Olson Wants To Bully YouTube Into Paying Up For Copyright Infringement

Sure, you loooove Ted Olson these days because he’s helping bring down Prop 8, but remember, he’s also the guy who got the Supreme Court to make sure President George W. Bush became president in 2000. Oh, and he’s also the guy who wants to take away your free TV showing web habits.

Olson was just hired by Viacom as counsel in its billion-dollar battle against Google’s YouTube, which is a cesspool of copyright infringement, the media company claims. The lawsuit, now in its third year, most recently went in Google’s favor with a New York district court judge saying YouTube is protected by “safe harbor” rules under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

And while we’re sure all of you willingly obey all facets of copyright law, are you still going to have the warm fuzzies if Olson brings victory to Viacom and has YouTube shelling out billions for your right to watch Teen Mon clips free?