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Teen Beats Former Foster Brother On Public Bus For Being Gay

Congratulations to Madison, Wisconsin’s 17-year-old Jay’von R. Flemming, who earned a “battery as a hate crime” charge when, on Sunday, he and two others began teasing an 18-year-old man on a public transit bus about being gay. When Flemming got up to exit the bus, he punched the man; the assault was captured on the bus’ security camera. Why the attack? Well it seems Flemming and his victim lived in the same foster home back in 2009, and Flemming had told him if he ever spotted the man outside the foster home he’d “hit him in the mouth.”

According to the police report:

The victim is gay, and has been bullied in the past by one of three teens who taunted him on the bus. He did not know the other two, and says all three boarded the bus he was on sometime around 5:00 p.m. As the trio left the bus at Alhambra Place, one punched the victim in the ear, while the teen with whom the victim is acquainted delivered a blow to the nose. The victim was transported to a local hospital for treatment. The MPD has tentatively identified one suspect, but he has not been located.

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  • jason

    Wouldn’t you just love to smack these homophobic bullies in the mouth? They are vile pigs and cowards who probably listen to Eminem and rap singers.

  • Red Meat

    @jason: I hate Eminem with a passion. It is obvious homophobia or the fear of being thought of one is so rampart its ridiculous. Ask any straight 50+ man and he knows the lyrics to at least one Barbra Streisand song. Ask a 25 year old and if he knows the full lyrics to ANY female singer – he must be a fag.

  • The sane Francis

    Actually, what kids like this need is psychological treatment, because they’re sick in the head. They are so insecure and threatened by homosexuality, that they react with violence and attack it at all costs. What needs to be done is treatment to determine why they behave in such a way and how to fix their trauma. Plenty of people who listen to rap aren’t homophobes.

  • The sane Francis

    Increase in gay visibility/more general acceptance=more insecurity shown by people who can’t handle it. Insecurity=hate what makes you insecure. Hate=violence. Again, a lot of people who listen to rap or are rappers are not homophobes. A lot of people who listen to Eminem also listen to Lady Gaga. Rap culture is a problem but the big problem is the insecurity that leads to homophobia.

  • Ken

    When folks have nothing, they cling to what little illusions they can. Machismo. The illusion of manly pride. Hatred of the other, for that which is different. A sop for a life of… what?

    Poor kids. Foster care. Can’t be a good story behind all of this for any of them.

  • mattsy

    Emifem is NOT homophobic!! He dueted with Elton John a few years back and is sorry for using the F word in some songs from way back!

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