Family tragedy

Teen burns gay adoptive father alive so he could be with his biological dad in prison

A teenager in Indianapolis has been charged with murder, arson, and auto theft after burning his adopted father alive, RTV6 reports.

16-year-old Jordan Marin-Doan was arrested Saturday in connection to a house fire he allegedly started that left his adopted father, 45-year-old Jason Doan, dead.

Doan’s husband, Alan Marin, told police that he and his husband awoke to find a fire blocking the staircase leading to the exit last Thursday night. Doan helped Marin and two of their children flee to safety through a bedroom window before he himself succumbed to the flames.

“He saved me and my kids,” Marin tells RTV6. “He gave his life for us, making sure we were OK. He got me out with my kids and told me to take them to a safe place. That was his priority–our kids –making sure they were safe.”

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It wasn’t until after he and the two children had escaped the burning house that Marin noticed the couple’s third adopted son, Jordan, was nowhere to be found. The family’s Jeep was also missing.

Fire investigators determined the fire was started by a fuel commonly used in weed eaters that had been poured on the carpet of the stairwell. Marin-Doan reportedly admitted to police that he poured the fuel inside the house then set it ablaze with a lighter.

According to Marin, the 16-year-old had previously threatened to kill everyone in the house. He allegedly wanted to kill his adopted parents so “he could get a cell next to his biological father in prison.”

When asked by police why he started the fire, Marin-Doan said he didn’t know. He is being tried in adult court, though an initial hearing has not yet been scheduled.

A GoFundMe page has been created to cover Doan’s funeral expenses. So far, it has raised about $11,000.

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  • Stache

    That’s not how it works. You’re not going to live behind bars next to your criminal daddy. Glad they’re trying him as an adult though. The little dumbshit should never be let out again.

    • Knight

      He’s 16, and from the sound of this story obviously has mental and emotional issues.

    • dinard38

      Knight, you’re right. Most likely he had a lot of mental issues stemming from abuse and neglect from his biological family.

      It would be interesting to know the age he was when he was adopted. This story brings back memories. As a single man I adopted two boys, age 9 and 6. They had a lot of mental issues that I wasn’t aware of when I adopted. They put me through HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!! The oldest was diagnosed with Reactive Attachment Disorder. If you ever hear of a child with RAD, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!!

      Children with RAD do not bond with the parent, and they will do anything with no conscious. That boy lied about everything, stole from me, the stores, friends, teachers. Ran away multiple times. He was passive aggressive, opposition defiant, and will do things to push me to my limit. Finally this demon child did push me to my limit, and I whacked him. He got a bruised eye, so I was arrested and charged with Cruelty to Children, a charge that could get you 10 years (they dropped the charges). He was taken away and put into DFACS care. They wanted to send him back home. I said HELL NO!!!!!! He stayed in the system, moving from foster home to foster home, getting kicked out of each one for his crazy behavior. I told them that he needed to be in a mental facility but they didn’t listen until they ran out of options. I had his butt in DFACS custody for three years, but then the state got slick. They started making me pay child support…a HEFTY amount….for a child I took in my home to help. Smh.

      So by that time I had been in and out of Juvenile Court a million times, dealing with that F**ked up system for years. I knew what to do. I brought his ass home, thus ending the child support. EVERYTHING he did, I would call the police. They’d never take him….i knew they wouldn’t….but that was to have a paper trail. Then he stole my credit cards….for the umpteenth time, and I had his ass arrested. He got sent away for almost a year to some wilderness camp in the middle of nowhere. When he came back, he was only a few weeks from turning 18. A few days before he turned 18, I found out he stole from me yet again. So I put his butt out on the streets. I was finally rid of him.

      But my nightmare was far from over cuz the younger one started doing the very same stuff. This one even tried to fight me. Needless to say, when he turned 18 I put his ass out too.

      My family and friends were worried about me. They were afraid that my older son was capable of violence like this teenage arsonist, and he would harm me. He was most definitely capable, that’s for sure.

      So I can tell you firsthand that most of the kids who’ve been through foster care will have a ton of mental issues and challenges. They are broken and many of them are just not redeemable. Sad, but true. It’s really sad that this couple who, like me, adopted children with all of the best intentions, but unfortunately it didn’t turn out well.

      Sorry for the long post, but this story is a trigger for me.

    • Knight

      Dinard no worries…it was for me too. And good on’ya for adopting kids/putting yourself out there.

    • brian_keith

      @ dinard38> Thanks for sharing and pointing out potential risks that can occur with an adoption of an older child. What a nightmare.

    • dinard38

      brian_keith Thanks. I could write a 900-page book on what I went through with those boys. Probably half of it no one would believe because their behaviors were so bizarre. They’d think I was writing fiction. LOL!!!

  • Smith David

    Jesus lawwwd….the devil has been very busy of late. This is why it is so easy to give up on the youth of today. Why are they angry? They have not been through anything. Everything has been handed to them. They get all this time to idle.
    This little shit was given a chance at a loving home that so many deserving kids never get, and he commits this vile act. I say give him the chair. He’s human waste.

    • Jaroslaw

      David Smith – looks pretty terrible, about as bad as it can get, but I wonder if there is more to the story. If not, I agree, give him the chair. My parents were pretty mean to me, but I would have still NEVER Done this.

    • irbaboon

      You don’t need to blame the devil anymore than you need to blame the Grinch.As for why the kid was so angry at the gay men who raised him, just look at the stuff the right wing is saying about the LGBT community

    • tnguy222

      That’s the problem with adoption, often you get the human refuse that no one else wants.

    • Knight

      Are you for real? You have no idea what this kid’s background was. You are beyond stupid to say today’s youth “have not been through anything”. Rape, incest, abuse, drug-addiction and neglect are hardly wiped-out from families of “the youth of today”. You sound like a disconnected bitter old queen who is just jealous that your youth has passed you by (or rather that ALL youths currently pass you by).

    • njhardhat

      tnguy222, As an adoptee, your comment is the most hateful, hurtful thing I have ever read in my life.

  • Nahald

    Well he can forget about being in the cell next to his biological father. I have a feeling they won’t even put him in the same prison sinc4e that was the motive behind his crime. Btw dude, you are going to rot in hell when the time comes so I hope it was worth it.

    • Knight

      Because you are God, and you know who goes to hell and who doesn’t. Delusional much?

    • FnameLname

      you wrote “Btw dude, you are going to rot in hell when the time comes so I hope it was worth it.”

      Do you really think he is on reading comments about himself? Hoping he’d get some support? He is not on the internet and he is not going anywhere that YOU decide he should be.

  • prarie pup

    He wants a cell next to his dad’s? This kid is being tried as an adult so unless his dad’s cell is on death row, I don’t see that wish being granted.

  • rand503

    His biological dad is in prison? Gave up his son for adoption 18 years ago?Oh yeah, I bet that relationship will go well. The kid is living some fantasy that he will finally have the “manly” dad that he has yearned for and will spend the rest of life with his “real” dad. I can’t think of a better hell that get his cell next to this dad and realize that the dad is a POS like him and will have nothing to do with him

    • dinard38

      These adopted children are very delusional. My adopted son was under the fantasy that his biological mom was out there looking for him because they just took him away from her for no reason. No matter how much you tell him that’s not true, he wouldn’t believe me. You can’t shatter that fantasy they have of their biological parents.

    • Hermes

      A note to dinard .. If he was under a delusion that his mom was looking for him – then he DID have the capability of attachment, and had attached to his mother… I think you have allowed a limited set of events to twist you – it would be to your advantage to seek a therapist and release the anger and bitterness.

      Kind thoughts

    • dinard38

      Hermes You should read up on the sociology of children in foster care. It’s really not that simple. Pretty much all children in foster care have that fantasy that their parents will come back for them. It’s not necessarily due to any attachment. My son was diagnosed with Reactive Attachment Disorder. Believe me, he didn’t have any attachment to his mother. In these RAD kids, their attachments are fake. They fake it to manipulate people.

      Also, it was FAR FAR FAR from a limited set of events with my adopted kids. I spent YEARS in therapy sessions, being called out to the school every week for misbehavior, dealing with social workers and the jacked up Juvenile system. In and out of court hearings and DFACS hearings. It’s always easy for someone who hasn’t been in a situation like I have (and many other adopted parents) to say don’t be twisted and jaded. You have no idea how much of a mental and emotional toil it was.

      Also, I don’t know why you think I’m bitter and angry. I’m not. I let that go. I was just telling my experience with my adopted kids. My boys are adults now and out of my hair. Haha. My oldest is still struggling to get his life on the right path. The youngest is trying to get into the military. I have more hope for the youngest, but there’s still hope for both of them.

  • truckeralex

    No good deed goes unpunished!

  • Knight

    This story is obviously sad on many levels. I volunteered with “at risk” youth 7 years ago during my thesis and can say just from this story, the kid exhibits signs of PTSD (possibly even Stockholm syndrom towards his imprisoned father), FASD and any number of psychological issues which manifest after puberty/early adult (such as bi-polar disorder). Sadly, the warning signs appear to have been in front of them based on the statement of this boy saying he was going to kill everyone in the house– not normal behavior even for a 16-year-old hot-headed kid. His delusion of being sent to a cell next to his father is a tell-tale sign he is disconnected from reality. My sincere condolences for the family…this is just such a tragedy.

  • Danny595

    This isn’t just a case of one individual killing another individual. There is a structural issue here too. The system loves to stick the “special needs” cases with gay and lesbian parents and sends the normal kids to straight parents. Whenever you read any story about gay adoptive parents, the kid almost always has some kind of disability or comes from a messed up background. Even when everything turns out good, which is most of the time, the gay parents have to work 10X harder to make it work. Why wasn’t this couple given a normal kid and a straight couple stuck with this murderous freak?

    BTW, that GoFundMe has the best euphemism for intentional murder I’ve ever read: “Jason tragically passed away in a horrific series of events last night.”

  • Herman75

    Adopting a teenage kid with anger issues can be really dicey. I know a gay couple that did it and my heart goes out to them for how hard it has been.

  • seaguy

    Sorry you murderous punk they will see to it that you never see your biological father again if you’re convicted of this evil crime.

    • FnameLname

      who are you commenting to? He is not reading .. in fact he’s not on the internet at all. Do you scream at the television as well? LOL

    • Stache

      Chill out Flamelame. It’s a commenting board. Not a private messaging service for the little thug.

  • Prax07

    Hopefully the little psycho will get lethal injection. That’s the only way to deal with scum like that.

  • MaxTaste

    Sounds like human garbage. Execution is the appropriate punishment.

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