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Teen Comes Out To Mom On Disneyland’s “Splash Mountain,” Solely To Make You Ugly-Cry

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When coming out these days, ticker tape and Donna Summer anthems just don’t cut it anymore.

Gina, a 16-year-old girl from California, clearly knows this.

Struggling with how to impart the big news to her mom, she decided the best place to do it was “The Happiest Place on Earth.”

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And during the big drop on Splash Mountain, no less. Exhibit A:

While we’re slightly preoccupied with the girl in the blue tank-top, and wondering what bleakness weighs so heavily on her mind, we still have the wherewithal to finish this damn post and point out the colorful “I’m Gay!” sign in Gina’s hand, a detail that was probably of keen interest to her mom. 

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Touching stuff, yes. And yet, the Twitterverse apparently has bigger questions in mind:

Seriously, ladies. Lighten. The fuck. Up.