Teen Fatally Gay-Bashed In Michele Bachmann’s Iowa Hometown. We Wish We Were Shocked

Michele Bachmann might wish the whole gay issue would go away but it looks like a group of assailants in her hometown improved upon her verbal homophobia by fatally gay-bashing 19-year-old Marcellus Andrews last week in Waterloo, Iowa—where the Republican candidate was raised. (And where serial killer John Wayne Gacy lived in the 1960s.) Andrews was officially pronounced dead Sunday afternoon after being taken off life support on Friday.

After practicing with his church’s step team Thursday afternoon, Andrews was staying with friends Nakita Wright and Tudia Simpson at Wright’s house on Cottage Street. The two women went for a short walk but within minutes, heard a confrontation back at the house and found a group taunting Andrews with him “faggot” and other derogatory names. (Authorities weren’t sure about the cause of the attack until the women came forward.)

Simpson admits to throwing the first punch, hitting a girl who had been repeatedly making remarks, before Wright and others joined in the melee. According to the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier:

At some point during the scuffle, Nakita Wright felt her leg brush against something on the ground. She looked down and saw Andrews.

“I tried to help him up, and then this boy ran back and kicked him in his face,” Nakita Wright said.

After the brawl ended, she tried helping Andrews to his feet. He appeared dazed. She grabbed one arm and coaxed him as she lifted. He pushed up with his other arm, but then gave up.

We could probably end this post with a snarky jab at Bachmann’s expense, but instead we’re going to post some of the kind words posted on a Facebook memorial page dedicated to Andrews:

“This story brought tears to my eyes. To think that and knowing that people carry so much hate in their hearts that they have to take a life of someone else cause of their choice in lifestyle. May your story and the many others who have died because they live as who they are, continue to educate & give voice to those who may not take stance on who they are. May your spirit live in all of us! May your legacy live forever! You may not physically be here on earth, but your story will be…your work is not done!” —Kyn

Hey babycakes, I have cried in a longtime, but I know heaven has rejoice. I will never forget the laughs and encouraging words you gave me. Everything I do will be in your memory… Love you so much and I’m blessed to have experienced your friendship! See you at the Gate honey—Cherri

“We never met. Chances are, we might not have been the best of friends. But this is a cheap ending to what sounds like a damn good life, and I’m sorry we didn’t get the chance to at least say hi some day. Regards from the city of Angels.” —Doug

“… you was so peaceful friendly and quite, no one could feel the hurt n pain u yourself had to experience, it wasnt right and prey that you rest in peace. Plz be informed that you are the realist and your story will show alot of young men and women to stand up in what they believe in! Show them clouds how it’s done baby see you there.” —Keisha

Sweet beautiful child, my heart is breaking along with all the other mamas who’ve heard your story. Bless you, I wish you could have lived long enough to have known what it’s like to fly before you lost your wings.”—Cindy

“As a 58 year old gay man who has been out and open for 39 years this really saddens me. I lost a great friend in 1988 Ken Eaton here in Des Moines to a senseless murder as well. The memories have all come flooding back, I have not felt this sad or ashamed of my fellow man for so long. Go with God young man and know my friend Ken is in Heaven waiting for you with open arms…” —Jim and Jessica


Images via RIP Marcellus Andrews and David Shankbone

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  • iDavid

    I think Bachmann needs to have an accountability lesson aimed directly at her soul via Nat. TV on this one. Make it so Anderson.

  • jnc

    can Queerty do a better job of proofreading their copy before they post? “After practicing with his church’s step team Thursday afternoon, Andrews was staying with friends Nakita Wright and Tudia Simpson and Wright’s house on Cottage Street.” hey guys, that sentence doesn’t make sense. i know it seems minor, but if you want us to post/repost/spread the word, at least take a few minutes to read over your own copy so we don’t look like morons. otherwise, good job.

  • iDavid

    Agreed. I catch horrible grammar all the time.

  • iDavid

    #4. Hey ya dumb fuck weisel. She’s a total anti gay whore. Get educated or get lost.

  • Bachmann Hates Gays

    It’s not about liberal or conservative dumbass, it’s about reality.

  • ChrisC

    @Bachmann 4 President: Wow!? You’re still trolling Queerty? My guess is that you’re a closet-case or a troll trying to discredit Michele (That should be pretty easy) by being a homophobe and a Bachmann supporter. Fuck off.

  • Daez

    @ChrisC: Not that I agree that Bachmann should be president, but the dude kind of has a point. We go bat shit crazy over tying Michelle to anything anti-gay. The down side of that is that she is now coming out as truly anti-gay, and getting even more support for it. You should see her adds on Youtube. Chances are as the primary gets closer she will begin airing the same adds on network television. Apparently, the gays are to blame for everything wrong in this country, but Michelle will set it all right in 2012.

  • ewe

    Today is August 23, 2011. Does anyone know whether or not the Bummer has evolved yet?

  • Daez

    @ewe: Nope. He never will. Vote for Bachmann in 2012. She will do a much better job with gay rights than Obama did over the last 4 years. She will reinstate DADT, strip all non-discrimination clauses that include sexual orientation, pass an amendment banning gay marriage in this nation, round up gays to put them in “special” camps, reinstate prayer in schools and help prepare for God’s return by turning America into a true theocracy.

    Seriously, you bash the most pro-gay president in history because he is smart enough to realize that full support of gay marriage would cost him an election?

    Let me explain how you get elected president. You win the vast majority of the states. Since the vast majority of the states are against gay marriage it really doesn’t matter how many polls show that the nation as a whole slightly favors it. Obama would give up every red and every swing state if he ran on a platform of legalizing same sex marriage.

  • Mav

    @jnc: Agreed. Queerty needs copy-editors, stat.

    And I have an answer for gay bashers – it’s called a concealed weapon.

    Kick the kitty, get the claws.

  • jason

    Who are these horrible animals? What sort of a vile human being kicks another in the face as he is lying on the ground?

  • Daez

    @Mav: Problem with the “bring a gun” attitude is that you need to be willing to use it. I work with a person that brought a gun to a fight only to have that gun taken from them and used to shoot them because they were not willing to use it. I don’t know how many people would have absolutely no hesitation when it came to pulling the trigger. Most that would not hesitate are attackers not victims.

  • Kev C

    @Daez: I also agree the politicization of gay bashings is inappropriate. Political fanatics will stoop to any depth to verbally attack the other party. What if the murderers support Obama? What should we do then?

  • Mav

    @Daez: Too true. But someone who isn’t willing to actually use a gun has no business carrying one in the first place. You shouldn’t carry a gun unless you feel that you have the resolve to kill someone in self defense. Otherwise, you’re just providing a better weapon to your assailants.

  • Professor Locs

    My heart feels so heavy right now just knowing another innocent person was killed just for being authentic to himself. We are all connected and when we kill someone, we kill a piece of the wholeness of us.

  • Politically Incorrect Thug

    So, this means Obama must be responsible for everyone who’s ever been gay-bashed in Illinois, right? Because he’s from there, right? Wow, I never knew he was so evil and determined to kill off us queers, but now that I’m aware of your logic, I’ll be sure to spread the word.

  • Mav

    @Politically Incorrect Thug: Never thought I’d agree with a sentiment like this, but I do. Queerty makes some really ridiculous leaps of logic when it comes to lambasting conservative political figures to the point that I think it damages the credibility of the LGBT community.

    And I can’t *stand* Bachmann. So for me to defend her is kind of surreal.

  • christopher di spirito

    While idiots like iDavid and jnc play grammar and spelling Nazi, I present the Top Ten Antigay Bachmann quotes proving the depth of Bachmann’s homophobic bigotry:

    Here are Michele Bachmann’s top ten anti-?gay statements:

    1. “It’s part of Satan I think to say that this is “gay.” It’s anything but gay.” — Senator Michele Bachmann, speaking at EdWatch National Education Conference, November 6, 2004.

    2. “If you’re involved in the gay and lesbian lifestyle, it’s bondage. It is personal bondage, personal despair and personal enslavement.” — Senator Michele Bachmann, speaking at EdWatch National Education Conference, November 6, 2004.

    3. “You have a teacher talking about his gayness. (The elementary school student) goes home then and says “Mom! What’s gayness? We had a teacher talking about this today.” The mother says “Well, that’s when a man likes other men, and they don’t like girls.” The boy’s eight. He’s thinking, “Hmm. I don’t like girls. I like boys. Maybe I’m gay.” And you think, “Oh, that’s, that’s way out there. The kid isn’t gonna think that.” Are you kidding? That happens all the time. You don’t think that this is intentional, the message that’s being given to these kids? That’s child abuse.” — Senator Michele Bachmann, speaking at EdWatch National Education Conference, November 6, 2004.

    4. “Don’t misunderstand. I am not here bashing people who are homosexuals, who are lesbians, who are bisexual, who are transgender. We need to have profound compassion for people who are dealing with the very real issue of sexual dysfunction in their life and sexual identity disorders.” — Senator Michele Bachmann, on homosexuality as a mental disorder, speaking at EdWatch National Education Conference, November 6, 2004.

    5. “It isn’t that some gay will get some rights. It’s that everyone else in our state will lose rights. For instance, parents will lose the right to protect and direct the upbringing of their children. Because our K-?12 public school system, of which ninety per cent of all youth are in the public school system, they will be required to learn that homosexuality is normal, equal and perhaps you should try it. And that will occur immediately, that all schools will begin teaching homosexuality.” – Senator Michele Bachmann, on what will happen if her same-?sex marriage ban amendment fails to pass in 2004, appearing as guest on radio program “Prophetic Views Behind The News,” hosted by Jan Markell, KKMS 980-?AM, March 6, 2004

    6. “This is a very serious matter, because it is our children who are the prize for this community, they are specifically targeting our children.” — Senator Michele Bachmann, on the gay community and same-?sex marriage, appearing as guest on radio program “Prophetic Views Behind The News”, hosted by Jan Markell, KKMS 980-?AM, March 20, 2004.

    7. “The sex curriculum will be essentially by taught by the local gay community.” — Senator Michele Bachmann, if her same-?sex marriage ban amendment does not pass in 2004, appearing as guest on radio program “Prophetic Views Behind The News”, hosted by Jan Markell, KKMS 980-?AM, March 20, 2004.

    8. “And what a bizarre time we’re in, Jan, when a judge will say to little children that you can’t say the pledge of allegiance, but you must learn that homosexuality is normal and you should try it.” — Senator Michele Bachmann, appearing as guest on radio program “Prophetic Views Behind The News”, hosted by Jan Markell, KKMS 980-?AM, March 6, 2004.

    9. “Our children will be forced to learn that homosexuality is normal and natural and that perhaps they should try it, and that’ll be very soon in our public schools all across the state, beginning in kindergarten.” — Senator Michele Bachmann, appearing as guest on radio program “Prophetic Views Behind The News”, hosted by Jan Markell, KKMS 980-?AM, March 6, 2004.

    10. “We are wide open and vulnerable and in all likelihood an activist judge will strike down our Defense of Marriage Act, our state law against gay marriage, this year. And in all likelihood, we will have gay marriage in 2004 in Minnesota , if we don’t get this amendment on the ballot for November.” — Senator Michele Bachmann, appearing as guest on radio program “Prophetic Views Behind The News”, hosted by Jan Markell, KKMS 980-?AM, March 20, 2004.

  • Mav

    @christopher di spirito:

    She REALLY likes that “perhaps they should try it” line.

    Methinks somebody regrets not experimenting in college.

  • the crustybastard

    @Mav: “I have an answer for gay bashers – it’s called a concealed weapon.”

    Iowa is a peculiar case within the US. Although Mr. Andrews had every right to be on the premises, Iowa law won’t unequivocally respect his right to defend himself with deadly force, particularly in using a concealed firearm.

    I believe a “stand your ground” law (which would have given Mr. Andrews such a legal presumption against his assailants had he used lethal force) is making its way through the state’s general assembly.

    Anti-gun extremists slander these laws as “shoot the milkman first” laws. Ensuring that vulnerable people like Mr. Andrews remain disarmed in order to ensure the safety of Mr. Andrews’ nonexistent milkman is the more pressing issue for them.

  • MrsGMitchell

    I cried after reading this. It’s a shame that we are subjected to such barbaric behaviors in today’s time, and that it’s all because we love differently than the ones who commit these horrible acts. I put this story on my facebook page, I felt I had to share this tragic event with my own friends, because I hate to admit a lot of my straight “friends” have no idea how serious of an issue this is.

  • Thomas

    His blood is on Republican hands.

  • Jack E. Jett

    @Bachmann 4 President: Grammer Nazi’s & Bachman supporters should not detract from the importance of this story. It is far more important to get this story out than to dot every i or cross every t. This is the first I have heard of this.

    As far as the Bachman 4 President fuckwad……….you should try to pray the stupid away.

  • Diego_Rivera_II

    A bad thing, of course. But gaybashings happen in NYC all the time and we don’t blame Ruben Diaz. Bachmann might be a terrible person but I doubt anybody involved in this case even knows who she is.

  • Joh

    Michelle and Marcus have A financial interest in gay Bashings
    and all the teen suicides In her district.
    Maybe a chain of pray the gay away clinics?

  • NYCdog

    @Christopher di whatever

    I don’t like bad grammar either, most INTELLIGENT people don’t. Does that make me an “idiot” too? You discredit yourself with such blather.

  • iDavid


    So true. And he alienates potential friends.

    @Christopher di Whatever

    Bullet 5, “per cent” is spelled percent. Seems you need to learn to spell correctly.


  • ben

    This is a tragedy and is on the hands of no one but the people who did it. While I deeply disagree with Bachmann and the GOP, they are not responsible for peoples actions. This incident is no more her fault than the Koran burnings in FL were Bill Nelson and Mark Rubio’s fault. I agree that we shouldn’t be subjected to their propaganda that says I’m trying recruit children to be gay, however that would be censorship of free speech. We have to let this ignorant bible thumper speak her mind just like we have to let neo-nazis and the KKK march in parades. The best way to fight people like her is to spread the word of incidents like this and to show the public that we are good “normal” people just like them.

    Also, I’m from Iowa, about an hour away from Waterloo, I’m just wondering if that makes me a serial killer too? Who gives a FUCK if John Wayne Gacy was from Waterloo?!?! There have been all sorts of serial killers in the past. Does that mean that politicians from the killers hometown should be regarded as unworthy leaders?! I hate that this article had to be written and I hate this article!

    FYI, the entire time I was writing this, I was so afraid I would make a grammatical error (which I’m positive I have, not to mention my comma usage is horrid). I hope I didn’t piss too many people off with my bad grammar! take your comments somewhere else!

  • Mav

    @the crustybastard: I believe in “stand your ground” legislation for all fifty states.

    Castle doctrine (aka “You are allowed to shoot an assailant in self defense if they enter your property”) is not very useful to queers who get bashed on the street in broad daylight.

  • christopher di spirito

    @iDavid: LOL, LOL, LOL. How old are you?

    Listen up, queen, the text you take exception to was copied from a website. A compendium of Bachmann quotes. I am not the author. So, your attempt to bust me on grammar and spelling failed.

    LOL, LOL, LOL.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones


    That’s why you take gun defense courses, that break down your inhibition to shoot.

  • B

    No. 30 · christopher di spirito wrote, “@iDavid: LOL, LOL, LOL. How old are you?
    Listen up, queen, the text you take exception to was copied from a website. A compendium of Bachmann quotes. I am not the author.”

    Hey Christopher, if you were not the author, you should have provided a citation,
    maybe a link to the source you copied and pasted. BTW, editors usually add
    something like “[sic]” to indicate when they are quoting something that is
    misspelled or grammatically incorrect and want to preserve the original spelling or
    bad grammar for some purpose (usually to embarrass the author).

  • Dastard

    @ben: True. We can’t blame Bachman for every ghetto murder that happens. She might be a homophobe, but fair is fair. It feels as ridiculous as blaming Bush, like people always did, or now Obama, for every gaybash that happens in the U.S. Only the murderer himself is responsible.

  • Kenny

    I wonder if this one will get the media attention that Tyler Clementi got…

  • christopher di spirito

    It’s so interesting?

    Here’s an important thread is about the fatal gay-bashing 19-year-old and a tiny group of miserable queens have tried to hijack it by playing grammar and spelling Nazi in order to feel better about themselves. Talk about pathetic.

  • Diego_Rivera_II

    Kenny- Since the killers are African American, it won’t get that much attention. Not p.c.

  • nineinchnail

    America. Civilised. God help the rest of us is all I can say.

  • obummer

    There have been so many problems like this since Obama came to power. . .

  • David 1973

    @Diego_Rivera_II You are obviously a kid . When I was growing up I recall African Americans were stereotypically portrayed by news media, in movies/TV series as purse snatching/burglar/gangsta/drug dealing menace to society no 1

  • Opheliac

    @Diego_Rivera_II No, I think this won’t get attention because the VICTIM was African-American. And a gay African-American, at that.

  • iDavid


    I get yore point but I think the rub comes that Bachmann supports anti gay behavior at its coor. Otherwise yah she bas the right to say what she wants but god no’s we don’t have to vote fer her.
    Hey don’t worrie about your gramer, were not writers like staf here, we get the mesage. ;)

  • Diego_Rivera_II

    @David 1973: At least the news was more honest then. Today the media prefers a black victim/white perp story (look at the Dominique Straus-Kahn b.s.; look at the fake charges against the Duke lacrosse team…the media just pounced on those), whereas black-on-white and, more frequently, black-on-black very real rapes happen every day and you hear nothing about them. Some newspapers, like New York Newsday, won’t even report the race of someone wanted for a crime if that person is AA (they’ll describe height, weight, and clothing only). So the media today definitely prefers the criminals to be white. Which is just as sick as any unfair treatment to anybody of any race.

  • Diego_Rivera_II

    @Opheliac: Another part of that is that gays prefer someone like Matthew Shepard to always be the perfect icon of gaybashings : his look of a little white harmless twink, and that his killers were white men, it has all the elements that make it the perfect story.

  • David 1973

    @Diego_Rivera_II: It’s actually 10x more transparency today wich gives people like you & me possibility to research, validate facts, statistics through various online content & tremendous amount of media outlets. That’s why people of Egypt, Tunisa, Lybia are thankful to FB/ Twitter/ Youtube/ IReport/ News Forums/ Al Jazeera, Reuters.

    DSK case was just US legal system wanting to flex it’s muscles before global audience which fell flat. It generated media attention simple fact of Rich powerful highprofiled Frenchman VS immigrant maid ironically from former French colony. America is litigious society where people easily can sue each-other and people simply capitalize on it.

    Most accredited news outlets do state Race, physical description in news report if criminals are wanted or happen to be foreigner/illegal immigrant. Reason you probably don’t hear so much about black rape is because majority rape offenders are statistically non-black.

  • Frank

    I disagree with that Diego. The media has latched onto many black perp white victim stories. Remember Susan Smith? Drowned both her kids and blamed in on a black car jacker. What about the man in Boston who killed his wife and blamed it on, surprise, a black car jacker? And that lady that lied and said she was jumped by black Barrack Obama supporters who then cut a B into her face. The list goes on and on. OJ Simpson? Kobe Bryant? It’s not that the media prefers the attacker to be white to sell a story, they only need the victim to be white. People still talk about John Bennet Ramsey and that case is almost 20 years old. And don’t even get me started on the Natalie Holloway case or the Caylee Anthony case.

  • Roman

    These tragedies need to stop! Violence, assaults and murders attacking GLBT citizens are a result of this continued toxic climate where highly visible politicians like Bachmann, church leaders and hate groups like NOM demonize this community in the most degrading terms while advocating continued discrimination and worse. This relentless persecution that hides behind religious beliefs and free speech continues to kill and destroy. More fair-minded Americans need to stand up to the ignorance, bigotry and hate that comes out of the mouths of these hostile individuals and groups.

  • Marauder

    “We could probably end this post with a snarky jab at Bachmann’s expense, but instead we’re going to post some of the kind words posted on a Facebook memorial page dedicated to Andrews”

    Good. Michele Bachmann has a view of gay people that is both ridiculous and harmful, but I highly doubt she would approve of gay teenagers being beaten to death. This tragedy should be about the life lost and justice for Marcellus Andrews, not be used as a pawn in the 2012 race.

  • Henry

    @Marauder: Dog-Face Bachmann tacitly approves of the murder of gay people. Gay people are “a part of Satan” so, in her view, their lives are worthless.

  • Marauder

    @Henry: No, she’d rather keep them around and keep the “conversion” potential going.

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