Teen Has His Phone Stolen, Robbers Text “I’m Gay” To His Mother

mom-techA band of thieves jumped a 16-year-old boy in Seattle, stole his cell phone, then used it to text “I’m gay” to his mother.

According to the police report, the teenager was sitting at a bus stop last week minding his own business. He reached into his backpack to pull out his phone. All of a sudden, four young men approached. After they punched the kid in the nose they proceeded to continue roughing him up. While fighting them off, the boy dropped his backpack and phone.

“Hey!” a bystander yelled. “Break it up!”

That’s when the suspects reportedly fled, but not before snatching the victim’s phone and backpack.

“Give that back!” the kid yelled after them. But the suspects were already gone.

When the 16-year-old returned home, his mother was waiting for him, her eyes filled with concern. When the teen asked what was wrong, she held up her cellphone to display the text message she had just received from him. It read:


As far as we know, the kid is not actually gay. He explained to his mother what happened and she contacted police.

The teen told authorities he believes one of the suspects might be a former schoolmate, who he identified by his lip ring. The other three suspects, he said, he didn’t recognize. Police have yet to announce any arrests in the case.

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