Full of Glee

Teen Lindon Warren Channeled His Inner Judy to Fight Bullies, and Ended As the Star of a New Film

A talented, theatrical teen impersonating gay icon Judy Garland and singing torch songs to disarm the school bullies might sound far-fetched even by Glee standards, but for one African American young man named Lindon Warren it’s just another day.

Young Lindon has an incredible ability to not only channel Garland. But he’s also talking and acting like her. His Liza Minnelli impression is spot on, too.

Now Lindon is the subject of a short film by life-long Garland fan Gary Riotto, an actor and youth worker who was struck by the positive and inspirational message of Lindon’s story after first seeing a YouTube clip of him singing Somewhere Over The Rainbow. Riotto contacted Lindon about the possibility of working together and within twenty minutes had received a very enthusiastic response. The resulting short film is called Finding Judy.

Director Riotto says of his film: “When I first saw a clip of Lindon singing Somewhere Over The Rainbow I knew that a film about him needed to be made. Our young people need to know that they are valued, loved and celebrated for their uniqueness.”

Finding Judy will be showing at LGBT film festivals throughout the summer.