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This Teen Must Come Out To Her Grandma Every Time They See Each Other


They say coming out is an ongoing process — and that must be especially true if you have to keep telling people the same big news over and over again. the same person the same news over and over again.

That’s the predicament Megan Gail Yeo faces each time she sees her grandmother.

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At first, Yeo was impressed and highly pleased by her grandma’s reaction.

“She was so thrilled,” she says.

Encouraged by her grandma’s reaction, the next time she brought her girlfriend over so that the two could meet.

“It was really beautiful to have this really strong woman who is my grandmother meet this wonderful, strong woman who is my partner,” Yeo says.

“And that was really special to me that they knew each other.”

But around this time, Megan’s grandma began to display typical signs of Alzheimer’s: she kept forgetting Megan was gay and started asking if she’d met any “nice boys.”

I take a deep breath, and I’m like, ‘No, I’m gay, I’m dating a woman, her name is Erika, you’ve met her, I’m really happy, I really like being who I am. This is just who I am.’”

At the very least, her grandma keeps reacting positively.

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“‘Oh, that’s great,” she says. “That’s great. I’m so glad you just, you know, you found a way to be happy with yourself.”

Megan tells the whole story in this video for I’m From Driftwood, an ongoing collection of unique LGBTQ stories.  s