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Teen Threatened With Throat Slashing By Students Who Questioned Her Sexuality

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A Kansas teen and her father are fighting back after she received violent death threats from students at her high school because of her perceived sexual orientation.

17-year-old Hannah Reno received the death threats in the form of rap lyrics that were messaged to her via Facebook, and she told Fox4 Kansas City that she felt targeted because of her sexuality:

“It addressed things like my sexuality, and it addressed him wanting to kill me, and him wanting me to kill myself. It is definitely inappropriate to target somebody for their sexuality. It’s inappropriate to target anyone and write a song that’s wanting them to die.”

Her father was outraged at the violence of the threats:

“They wanted to cut her throat, shoot her, they wanted her to slit her wrists and cut her own throat. She just was almost hysterical that she couldn’t believe that she was attacked because of her sexual preference.”

Ultimately, the district suspended the students in question for severe disrespect and intimidation of another student. Unfortunately, that hasn’t done much for Hannah’s peace of mind:

“I do feel unsafe. Bullying is not okay in any form at all.”

Watch the story via Fox4 Kansas City below.