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Teen With Two Dads Slays With Emotional Song To Mother He Never Met

Campbell Walker Fields America's Got Talent
Campbell Walker Fields with his adopted dads. Credit: NBC/YouTube.

14-year-old singer and pianist Campbell Walker Fields delivered an emotional message via song to the birth mother he never met on last night’s America’s Got Talent.

Fields was adopted at birth by his dads because his mother already had three children and could not afford to raise another one. So she made the decision to give him the opportunity to flourish in another home, which it certainly appears he has done, if his killer performance of Christina Perry’s “A Thousand Years,” is any indication. Not to mention the sensitivity and insight he displayed during his interviews on the show.

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“I chose the song because it’s really personal to me,” Fields explained to the panel of judges. “The lyrics just really reflect about how I feel about my mom, and how I’ve always wanted to meet her and she’s always just been waiting there for me.”

“I would never be here, and I would never have this opportunity, if my dads hadn’t adopted me,” Fields said. “Since I was adopted at birth, my norm was just having two dads.”

He admits to having been bullied growing up because of his family structure, as well as getting questions about where his mom was, which made him wonder himself.

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He said he was glad she gave him up for adoption so he wouldn’t have to struggle.

“Campbell really wants her to be proud of her choice, and so I think a lot of his drive for success comes from his desire to make her happy,” one of his fathers said.

“I’m following my dreams, and I’m able to do that because of what she did,” Fields added.

Watch the powerful and moving performance below.

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