Teen Wolf‘s Colton Haynes: 2 Years After Those Man-On-Man Kissing Photos

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On June 5, MTV will debut its new series Teen Wolf, about a teenager who is also a wolf. He transforms when his blood gets racing. It stars Colton Haynes, formerly of ABC’s short-lived The Gates, and the guy who a couple years back had a whole cache of photos released online showing him making out with another dude.

The year was 2009, and at the time we wondered aloud if those photos would have an impact on Haynes’ career. It seems not. Though Haynes was supposedly denied the gig of Twilight‘s Edward Cullen (which went to Robert Pattinson), he’s enjoyed some bit parts (CSI, Melrose Place) before landing on The Gates, which was canceled in September after a single season. But now here he is playing lacrosse team captain Jackson Whittemore on Teen Wolf, which isn’t guaranteed to be a success, and we’ve seen MTV struggling with its scripted series. But throwing tweens and teens another sexually-fueled paranormal drama seems like a decent enough decision. (And the whole idea of an handsome young man biting a high school teen is, well, good enough for the gay bois.)

It also means Haynes, whose Teen Wolf character appears to be a testosterone-heavy rage machine, will be the focus of half-page interviews in Teen Vogue, Oh No They Didn’t posts, and the eventual Details photo spread. (He’s already making the B-list party circuit rounds.) Inevitably, there will be the requisite questions — or rumormongering — about his sexuality. So let’s get this out of the way: Haynes is a gay actor, he doesn’t talk publicly about it, and that’s that.

“I don’t really pay attention to the rumors cause at the end of the day, that’s exactly what they are,” Haynes says in an interview without specifying which rumors he’s talking about. “Anyone can go online and write anything they want about people they don’t even know and most of the time, that is fueled by hate. The sad part is that people actually believe what they read online. A lot of people are more interested in wondering if Beyonce is pregnant or who Taylor Swift is dating instead of recognizing them for their hard work and talent. It sucks. Work is work and what I’ve done thus far has gotten me to where I am today and I’m thankful for that.”

Oh Colton. We don’t write about you out of hate. We write about you out of lust. And the hope that, just maybe, Teen Wolf will be a hit, you’ll be a big Taylor Lautner-sized star, and someday you’ll show gay kids out there they too can grow up and be as handsome successful as you. Just please, don’t do the beard thing. It’s beneath you.

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UPDATE: While it won’t be Haynes, Teen Wolf will feature a gay character named Danny, played by Keahu Kahuanui.

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  • valentine ghost

    still looks better than Skins US.

    and I was going to make a “but he wouldn’t survive a night with me” joke but he looks like a completely different person, and not for the better. his face looks like it grew out a bit, to the side. weird.

  • valentine ghost

    @valentine ghost: oh, wait, shit, durr. he’s not the actual ‘star’ of the show, is he, he’s the wolf’s lacrosse buddy. haha, well, he did change a bit, looks manlier, I suppose. I miss the twinkier days but I guess those don’t last forever.

  • Alex

    Jus cause you kissabother dude doesn’t mean you’re gay

  • Charlie

    @Alex: It don’t exactly make you straight either.

  • Izzy

    Heard he spent a couple of months clubbing with Lucas Grabeel in West Hollywood last winter after mutual hag/friend Brittany Snow introduced them. If he’s trying to pass as straight, he’s doing a shitty job of it.

  • PS

    Colton is so hot. I hope he gets offered decent projects. He hasn’t really appeared in anything noteworthy so far. But I guess he really doesn’t care right now as long as he’s working.

  • Marcus


    He’s seems super cool, and I don’t see him trying to pass. I’ve seen him numerous times around Hollywood with fags and hags in tow.

    He’s comfortable…and he’s really short. Like Jeremy Renner short.

  • Greg

    Who cares about Colton? It’s Tyler Hoechlin from 7th Heaven–Love him!

  • Brandon H

    Great, another Anderson Cooper. No one wants them to come out to ruin their career or for simple titalation. We want them to come out because it’s the right thing to do.

  • David

    Why does Queerty continue to beat the drum on this story? Really? Aren’t there other young, middle-aged, or old actors, businessmen, or politicians whose sexuality and career can be put under the microscope?

    Queerty says the guy is gay? Besides modeling pictures is there any other proof? If we’re going by pictures of men kissing men in professional settings, does that make Antonio Banderas or Tom Hanks gay?

    This all seems kind of sad. The guy is a young actor with not much of a career. Why does he get this level of scrutiny? Queerty is always running blind items but never discusses those people’s real identity.

    Maybe the guy is gay or bi or straight. As long as he isn’t running around screaming homophobic rhetoric, who cares?

  • Pitou

    @David: TOTALLY agree!!
    Its the vile ones who need to be under scrutiny. I think someone at Queerty is just a bit jealous and trying to ruin the start of someones career.

  • Marcus


    Uh, I’ve only seen this story on Queerty and maybe ONTD and my blog of course, so I would hardly qualify that Colton is under some unseemly level of scrutiny. If he is, it’s probably because he’s hanging out with Zachary Quinto, Chace Crawford and others who have a high profile than he, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

    The argument was that those pictures he agreed to pose in were going to ruin his career….they didn’t. Neither will this story. This guy is constantly booking jobs…yes, most are cancelled, but he’s working. Constantly.

  • kim

    He dated Zachary Quinto in 2009/2010 and there were rumors that Colton was a prostitute at one time as well.

  • Jon

    This is kinda sad to me. “We” make such a big deal about outing those in Hollywood who may or may not be gay – at the same time chastising them for not wanting to come out. It’s no different than someone walking into your place of work and outing you. Then we wonder why “they” are so secretive about it. I love Neil Patrick Harris but not everyone is Neil Patrick Harris. He came out when he was ready. Tho’ it’s getting better, we know we are still in a homophobic society. Why can’t we just let these guys work and live their lives as best they can? Is the gossip and Nat’l Enquirer reporting really that worthy?

  • Marcus


    What? Neil Patrick Harris came out publicly because Perez was running stories about him and he decided it’s just easier to just come out with it and move on.

  • David


    For goodness’ sake, do you really have to go there?

  • Jon

    @Marcus: Ah yes, the Gospel of Perez. ICK. Neil Patrick could have gone the route of others and just denied the crap that flows from ones like Perez. Point being, it is tough for these guys to have a personal life and it sux for them unless they are ready for it.

  • JT

    Grrrrrrrreat! Another closet queen twink pretty boi who refuses to come out as being gay or bisexual since he’s not heterosexual at all and he cares more about his lame ass “career” and image than just coming out. I agree with the person who said how he’s another Anderson Cooper.

    Hollywood and Los Angeles is full of these types.

    Yes some of them are prostitutes like Colton Haynes apparently was/is according to KIM.

  • Marcus


    Initially he did deny it, or at least his publicist did…it backfired.

  • kim


    What are you so afraid of, that he is ACTUALLY gay?

    Oh and @JT, it isn’t according to me, it was in a blind item that universally was thought to be Haynes and Quinto.

  • Jon

    I just don’t think any of these guys really want their personal lives thrown into the homophobic society that we’ve got. I’ve got nothing against hot guys mackin’ on each other but the need for it to be headlines just seems wrong.

  • bah

    @Marcus: Jeremy Renner is 5’10…

  • David


    I’m talking about Queerty.


    Why would I be afraid if he were gay?

    I objected to your spreading a rumor about prostitution. It’s just the typical kind of smear used against young (possibly gay) actors in Hollywood.

  • niles

    I swear that many gay people are worse than the rightwing bigots out there.

  • alan brickman

    QUEERTY SOUNDS FAT AND JEALOUS….He just kissed another dude for obviously posed pictures…grow a life already!!

  • alan brickman

    Also because NPH is ugly and can’t get a real movie….

  • Adonis-of-Fire

    I know him from Austin, TX almost 5 years ago, that guy he did the pics with was his boyfriend, an asshole who fucked around a lot and infected several young guys with HIV, and Colton was an escort, he had an escorting profile on manhunt.

  • B

    No. 22 · Jon wrote, “I just don’t think any of these guys really want their personal lives thrown into the homophobic society that we’ve got.”

    I think it may be more the “peeping Tom” society we’ve got. It’s kind of hard for a young guy to start a relationship when everything he does or says is broadcasted on the evening news (or at least the tabloid press).

  • Jeff R

    I cannot believe that you posted the comment, No. 28, of Adonis-Of-Fire?!? Did you contact Adonis and ascertain that what he’s alleging is true? Did he provide Queerty with any credible proof? He’s making very serious, damaging allegations that probably are not true. I find the comments incredibly cowardly and disgusting. IMO, such comments constitute bullying. I don’t think that Queerty should be supporting any form of bullying. The posting of comment No. 28 is very disturbing.

    If Adonis is telling the truth, highly unlikely IMO, why doesn’t Adonis post his real name and contact info and supply you with the proof for publication or at the very least afford Queerty with the opportunity to say that they have reviewed the same and decided to post this defamatory comment? This young actor should certainly have the opportunity to confront his accuser. Adonis is a coward, making demeaning and disgusting accusations while hiding behind an anonymous moniker. I think that Queerty has crossed the line by posting this comment.

    I recall the photos being part of an editorial for a defunct gay mag – “XY?” – which was discussed in prior posts when these photos originally surfaced. How do we know whether or not the two guys even know each other beyond the confines of the photo shoot? That it was nothing more than a homoerotic pictorial? Does the writer know that this guy is gay/bi? How? Has he dated or slept with him? Does he have a source who is willing to be identified to substantiate the claims? If so, identify and quote them. If Queerty doesn’t have substantive proof – photos, tapes, affidavits, etc. – that this guy is gay/bi, they shouldn’t be posting this article.

    To the commentator who mentioned “Blind Gossip” and escorting- “Blind” defines the tone of the site and I don’t recall their ever mentioning this young actor’s name and/or linking him to prostitution. However, if you’re so confident that the shit that you’re spewing is true, post your real name with your comment and provide the link.

    When comments start making allegations about escorting, being HIV + and allegedly infecting others with the same, some semblance of professionalism and decency needs to be exercised. This is unrestrained bullying.

    Jeff R

  • closeted hos

    It has taken me a while to figure out the demographics of those who mostly comment on this site. But, I think the core audience here is basically a lot of closed hos. The need to quickly defend whoever as far as being a closet case and doing whatever is a little too- well much. Even if the closet case has no excuses- you will make one for them. That tells me there is something of an identification with being in the closet. A lot of this shit cuts a little to close to either your own past or, in some, cases your present. For the record, this kid can do what he wants. He’s trying to have a career. That’s to be appreciated as what it is. Queerty should also talk about it as they want. There is nothing anymore special about him than Britney Spears or anyone else tabloids talk about. And queerty is mostly a tabloid. If he didn’t want people to see him kissing the guy, he should’t have taken a foto of it. Its not Queerty’s job to protect this kid’s closet or the delicate psychic of those who want to turn this into a soapbox about outing him. Gays are nothing special that they should be treated differently by the media.

  • kim


    Don’t be so sensitive, it’s out on the internet and besides why should you be offended if Colton was or was not a male prostitute? Reading your previous posts you seem much too protective over someone who doesn’t know you from Joe Shmoe on the street.

    People have to make a living and if Colton was indeed a prozzie before he got his break in hw, he wouldn’t be the first.

  • kim

    I think Jeff R is Colton Haynes, Y/N?

    I know Colton reads Just Jared because I follow him on twitter, he had another twitter originally but when those photos broke of him and Zachary Quinto (nothing salacious in them by the way) he put a denial up on his twitter and then high tailed it out of there. He later created another twitter around the time he got the role on “The Gates”.

    About the blind: They were talking about an actor who was pretty much being blackmailed with outting by another actor who had once been a male escort. It was solved as being Colton and Zachary. Dirty business. I could absolutely see a young upstart gay actor having an affair and taking advantage of another actor who’s star was rising with a major franchise and a network tv show (Zach was still starring on Heroes at the time). Zach has a film company, he has projects in the works (including one with SyFy), a possible Oscar contender coming out in the Fall and Star Trek As for Colton, wtf has he been in? From his tweets he’s doing some beefcake show modeled after an 1980’s film, and before that it was the Gates, which was cancelled. Most people connected the dots and this is what they got.

    If Colton was a male escort I don’t see how it effects either David or Jeff to be honest. A lot of struggling actors have gone that route.

  • Right Wingers Are Socioptahs (John From England)


    Have you seen him? Really?

    You need to take your meds and read everything you see but actually LOOK at a person when the are standing next to Ryan Seacrest and they reach his shoulder. Ryan who is an inch taller then Simon, who was barely taller then Paula Abdul. By your insane reckoning, Paula Abdul is thus also 5ft 10.


  • Right Wingers Are Socioptahs (John From England)


    And YOU my dear sound suspicious with your single minded obsession with this dude.

    I’ve not seen you post other items on people…but I’ve seen Jeff R comment here a helluva a lot with a consistent tone, so who is the troll?

    Tell me one female popstar/actress who isn’t basically a prostitute? Casting couch anyone?

    But I guess where most straight gossip sites don’t get as mean spirited and evil as gay sites, only insinuating about a a celeb if they have concrete proof to run the story.

    Even the national enquirer gets quotes and has it’s [email protected]Jeff R: Really? This is Queerty, not some standard gay blog like Towleroad or JoeMyGod. This is what they live for.

  • jason

    Man-man kisses are almost always genuine, unlike woman-woman kisses. Women tend to see their sexuality as a form of performance art in which they must perform for an audience. It’s an unfortunate fact of female sexuality that such fake behavior is a staple element of how females behave sexually.

  • Jeff R

    @Kim: I am not Colton Haynes. I am several decades older. Nor am I affiliated with him in any way – I used to watch “The Gates” but that’s about it. Colton wasn’t my favorite actor on the show. Queerty writer Daniel Villarreal can vouch that I’m not Colton. I am not affiliated with Queerty. See? I substantiate my statements. Take note and learn.

    About the blind: Who substantiated its veracity? Anonymous commentators? Did an actual site, news outlet, journalist, etc., actually verify it? Did they provide any concrete proof? Just because anonymous commentators say it is so doesn’t make it so. Sorry.

    I really don’t care if someone is an escort. It’s none of my business. It doesn’t “effect” me. I would assume that being labelled as such could hurt an actor’s career (either gender) which is why I questioned the propriety of your comment and Adonis’s without any proof. What does effect me is an anonymous, unsubstantiated and probably defamatory comment which is internet bullying. Bullying is wrong. Your comments were bullying. It is wrong and it further contributes to a serious problem. That effects me.

    Re: “As for Colton, WTF has he been in?” Why do you care? How does his life and career effect you? Why do you follow him on Twitter – both his past and current Twitter sites? Wouldn’t your time be better spent volunteering for some charity and helping others rather than posting spurious comments about someone that you don’t know? Think about it.

    Many actors, dancers, singers, models, athletes,, are closeted because they and/or their managers/agents/reps/handlers believe that being out can damage/destroy/jettison/limit their career. Obviously homophobia exists and there is at least some validity to this idea/fear. Labelling someone as an escort presumably can be just as damaging to one’s career. What compels you to make such bullying comments? It’s disgusting.

    Queerty is not Middle School, Junior High or High School. In said venues it is wrong to accuse and smear individuals. It’s bullying. Bullying isn’t right. Concerned citizens are attempting to correct this horrendous problem. You, on the other hand, post an anonymous defamatory comment on Queerty about someone that you don’t even know. A comment that you cannot prove. You’re contributing to the problem. Shame on you!

  • JoeyB

    Yeap, the beard is up.
    Pathetic. He, Zachary Quinto (who does a “It Gets Better” video without admitting he’s gay!), Cooper, so many. Greedy closet queens in Hollywood make me sick. They don’t do anything for us, unless it helps their careers and they can still remain closeted, and laugh all the way to the bank

    “What a wild night it was in Miami,” Colton, 21, said. “Wild crazy penthouse party and REALLY tall women… I approve.”

  • Labinot Ajeti

    shum mir paske dal

    this is how i feel about wal-mart too :)

  • David


    Are you serious? So, when Tom Hanks kissed Antonio Banderas in “Philadelphia” or Jake G. kissed Heath Ledger in “Brokeback Mountain” or Tom Selleck kissed Kevin Kline in their move, all those kisses were genuine and not performance? Come on!

    And, way to go with the misogyny!

  • kim


    You are much too hostile honey, here take a xanax.

  • kim

    >Bullying is wrong. Your comments were bullying. It is wrong and it further contributes to a serious problem. That effects me.

    Is that why you flagged my comments? I mentioned a blind that is out there on the net and suddenly I am a bully towards Colton and to you. Wow, you really need to grow a thicker skin or get off the internet. Your hostility towards me and your six paragraph each post obsession with this Colton guy speaks VOLUMES. He’s gay, he’s lying to the press about his sexuality and hiding so deep in the closet he’s going to need a flashlight and shovel to get out.

    Have a nice life.

  • jason


    I’m not talking actors, I’m talking about real-life.

    As for my so-called misogyny, look up the word in the dictionary. Don’t just bandy it about because you heard someone use it.

    I maintain my point that female sexuality gives women a fake option which they often use to market themselves to third parties and to exploit their way through promotions etc. It’s pretty obvious. Calling them out on it is simply akin to calling out a fake. Nothing misogynistic about it at all.

    More gay guys should call them out on it.

  • Jeff R

    @Kim: I didn’t flag you. Obviously someone else is also troubled by your comments. I am not “obsessed” but I do believe in common decency, fairness and putting an end to bullying. Getting a thicker skin is BS! I called you on your bullying. Deal with it. You don’t mention escorting or someone’s sexuality unless you have the proof to back it up. You obviously don’t. Internet access doesn’t automatically provide users with the right to post lies and hurt others. As evidenced by your last comment, you’re still mired in bullying: “He’s gay.” Have you slept with him? Know someone who has and is willing to go on the record and attest to the same? No! Get a life.

  • Reader

    Why do you care so much?

    If he is he is if not then not.

    You care too much if the person is or isn’t gay.

    If you are just giving us notice that the pics didn’t mess up his career okay…..

    Some of us know or have known of actors and celebrities that are family and don’t want it out.

    Those of that respect their privacy, don’t say anything as they want…..

    It is their choice to be out or not. It is no one’s responsibility to out them for them.

    And they are right a kiss doesn’t mean anything official gay for pay is still out there in modeling and acting…..

  • Labi Ajeti

    finally good weather is here

  • JT

    Well said ClosetedHos. Yes it does seem as though some people who do defend the closet cases do live in glass closets.

    Jeff R-Who Cares? What do you expect? This is a blog and when an article about a person on TV or in the movies/media gets posted and they’re closeted people are going to react.

  • JT

    Kim-What other actors have been escorts?

  • JT

    Anyway, besides Colton which other male celebrities (I mean actual celebrities, not starving wannabe “actors” or “Models” like Colton) are closeted bisexual and gay men?

  • Adonis-of-Fire

    @ Jeff R
    Bitch take a seat NOW, this guy had pics of him and his boyfriend on his myspace when myspace was popular, and he was part of a group of “mean girls inspired” clicked that called themselves Spoiled boys. He was well known in Austin and San Antonio for being a major slut, if you doubt it do some research.

  • JusticeontheRocks

    @Labi Ajeti: Not in the northeast – it still sucks here.

  • Lefty

    He’s hawt.
    I need some xanax too.

  • Jeff R

    @Adonis-Of-Fire: You made the allegations so prove them. I don’t have to conduct any research because I’m challenging your allegations. Prove me wrong. You collect the photos, get affidavits, etc., and forward them to Queerty. Anonymous allegations that you saw photos on MySpace, that he had a reputation/”well known…for being a major slut,” etc., doesn’t prove anything. Sorry.

    BTW, it’s clique. I’ll take a seat when you’ve improved your spelling and grammar and proved your spurious allegations.

  • Kimmy

    He isn’t gay!!! N who gives a crap he is who he is n if he is gay it will b sad but his choice leave them alone. They r human beings not science experiments. Your probably jealous or retarded , he is adorable n who caress what he does in his spare time he is a grown man ..fuck off!! :)

  • Kimmy

    Who cares !! Leave him alone . If he is or isn’t gay it don’t matter, let him handle it he is a grown man . Him being gay is sad but it dont mean nothin , he is a great model n an upcoming model. He is probably bio , but he is absolutely adorable . Who he is isn’t our problem , so fuckin stop already plz ,y’all are mean ass voltures who need to grow the fuck up. Hey be optimistic for once.. Wow!!!

  • Steerpike

    The issue here is not the photos, which are charming, or the actor’s sexuality (which is moot: he is an actor, not your potential boyfriend), the issue is the GROSSLY HOMOPHOBIC LANGUAGE that he has instructed his lawyer to use when demanding the suppression of his little kissy shoot.

    ‘”private, obscene, lewd and pornographic,” and also “sordid, grossly perverted and can only appeal to those with the most prurient of interests.”

    WTF? That’s hate-speech straight from the fascist sex-phobic religious right. How are things going to ‘get better’ if young people hear other young people, no matter what their sexual-orientation, describing nice, ordinary, attractive boy-kissing like that??!!

    He has ONE legitimate reason for suppressing these pics; copyright infringement: the rest is BS and INCREDIBLY OFFENSIVE BS at that: far worse than f**king Kobe Bryant calling some ref a ‘fa**ot’ in a heated moment.

  • Martine

    @Alex: He did a photo shoot. Much like doing an acting role. If he said he was straight, then he is straight. No reason not to believe it. But this is a bit mean spirited to keep on talking about it.

  • Martine

    @Steerpike: They were disgusting pictures considering that he was a minor. Most people in the country consider homosexual experiences to be less wholesome then heterosexual ones. Even people who believe that homosexuals deserve equal rights and protection under the law. It is still unpleasant and shocking to see an underage male kissing another male. People are not blind to the fact that the homosexual community has a rather lax view on protecting minors from sexual abuse.

  • Marcus

    @Martine: @Martine:

    I’m trying to recall Colton ever saying he was straight, but that aside I need to visit your world where just talking about some modeling pictures is “mean-spirited.”

    What’s disgusting about the photos again? He signed the release for them, the other person in the pictures, who was his boyfriend at the time, by the way, signed the release and Colton’s own MOTHER signed the release because yes he was a minor. THEY didn’t find the pictures disgusting, and no one else does either….oh, except YOU.

  • Justin

    Gay or not. Let him be. I think his the hottest actor in Mtv Teen Wolf so far and if he were gay I’d totally date him and kiss him. I dont get why gay actors are left out. What happened to equality? Instead of being jealous people should appreciate what people have to go through to accomplish their dreams and keep them from being crushed by rumors like this.

  • amy ate ur cookie

    nooooooooooooo don’t be gay.
    i don’t believe he’s gay.
    really doubt he’s gay.
    lol just ended every sentence with the word gay.

  • 90210

    Wait ’til we get our Haynes on you!

    I like Colton he’s a good actor and this show Teen Wolf is so good. Ensemble of a cast and his solo scenes are raw & creepy sometimes.

    Whether he’s gay, straight, bi, vegan, it really doesn’t matter! Just because lots of celebs talk about their dating & love life in the media doesn’t mean Colton has to. Besides sources & third parties can keep claiming whatever they want about him but the only person who knows the truth is Colton. That’s his f***n business not ours. It’s his prerogative. And more credit for him to keep people guessing hehe. Way to go bro!

  • Kaycee

    How the hell do you know if he is gay or not? he hasn’t publicly come out and said ANYTHING about him being gay. Those pictures released 2 years ago look 100% like modelling photo’s. Models kiss the same sex professionally all the time. It doesn’t mean anything so why would it ruin his career?

    Stop with the rumours and especially saying rumours are FACT when you have no proof.

  • punkass

    I’m not sure I buy it. This was a professional photoshoot. The ‘statement’ was totally neutral. And if you do a quick search on youtube and you can find photos of him that were hacked from a personal account of Colton’s and he’s making out with girls in a lot of those personal pics. So the jury is out on this one for me.

  • Fruitfly

    @Adonis-of-Fire: I wish I had known him when he was an escort. Yeah, I’d have paid for that. Question is, would he be able to make out with a woman without throwing up his dinner?

    I don’t care if he kisses boys. I don’t care if he rides em Jack Nasty style. All of this is proceeding on the a priori presupposition that homosexuality is gross. Here’s the reasoning:

    1) guys screwing other guys is gross.
    2) Prostitution is gross.
    3) Colton, a guy who screws other guys and has allegedly prostituted himself, is gross. (Hello Jeff and David – your need to deny the allegations make you a participant in the hate club.)
    4) The public will hate Colton if they find out if he is gross, especially teenage girls whose small, narrow minds are highly dependent on the insane, ridiculous illusion that they will one day meet Colton, and he will fall in love with them, and they will get married.
    5)Therefore, all of this must be hidden from the public.
    6) We must push it into the closet.
    7) The closet, as a form of dissembling, reconstitutes #1 because a) it assumes guilt b) it enacts shame.

    The only way out of this paradigm is to remove the presumptions that support it (#1 and #2). To do that, one has to remove the behavior that is used to reenforce #1 and #2.

    This isn’t to say Colton needs to walk out in six inch heels and a long wig (though I bet he’d make one hot tranny!), waiving a rainbow flag while exclaiming, “I’m a big ole gay boy! I love penis!” I kinda hate making one’s sexual preference one’s self-definition (as if we were the sum total of our preferred body parts.) What it means is Colton can choose to refuse the re-enactment of the closet by refusing to participate in the ruse.

    He doesn’t need to acknowledge anything; he just doesn’t need to disacknowledge it with shame. Those of you who appear so invested in his sexuality, whether straight or gay, and in his virtue, whether he is a male madonna or a male whore, need to evaluate your presumptions and your dreams.

    To me, he’s an exquisitely beautiful man who has probably had to do some things (like ALL hollywood actors) to get where he is going, because he’s ambitious. His positive attitude coupled with his bubbly personality (and a total lack of mean spiritness) makes him popular with everyone.

  • GJ

    I love you Colton haynes. haters will hate you say things to you. But you have a big future, that’s what matters.

  • Phil

    Colton is your typical self destructive twink that’s a closet case and ex rentboy.

  • James

    Lots of self-loathing closet cases and homophobic fraus on here. He’s gay and trying to come off as a homophobe. He needs to be outed. PERIOD. Bigots like Martine are sickening, perverted haters. Go screw yourself, bigot It’s bigots like YOU who are often the sexual predators, trying to cast people’s eyes elsewhere.

  • jorge


  • Aujhati

    So… he is gay right?

  • marty

    He isn’t gay. Honestly. I mean I can’t say if he isn’t bi. But I know for an absolute fact he prefers women. See. Thats why it doesn’t pay to speculate.

  • M



  • Julie

    @jason: I love when guys educate me on my own sexual practices. Thanks.

  • Brandon

    @Jon: This comment was so spot on and accurate, and someone finally getting it, my eyes actually started to water. thank you

  • mz.sam

    Colton, a Big Bottom Line: he’s not tall…he’s not short (5’10”), he’s not gay…he’s not straight (bi-curious) and he is no longer an MTV Kanima. But landed a major role as regular on the CW hit show ARROW. And now he can jump in between the bromance of Oliver and Tommy…Go Colton!

  • Geeker

    If you guys think the stuff poster here is mean you should see what gets posted on Datalounge,That’s sites motto is “Pointless Bitchery” for a reason!

  • dannysax

    This is all old news. Colton Haynes isn’t even on TEEN WOLF any more. He has recently been an ongoing character on ARROW, as Green Arrow’s sidekick Arsenal. I don’t know if he’s coming back for the new season, since he seemed to need to leave town in the last season’s episode.

  • Sansacro

    @Jon: I completely agree. But I’m out at work and if someone were to say I’m gay, it would be like someone saying I’m a guy, I have brown eyes, and I’m 5’11. Just another fact. Private is one thing; closeted another.

    I recognize that Hollywood is homophobic, so actors will do whatever they have to do to climb that career latter. (I have several out gay friends that work constantly in theater, film, and TV, btw, although they are not famous. Did being openly gay hurt them? who knows. Most actors aren’t famous, and fame si not an aspiration I particularly identify with or root for.)

    Finally, if we really think that being gay is not a negative, and just as good as being straight, we wouldn’t care if someone were identified as gay or straight. If he’s gay, good for him; if he’s not, so what, Being rumored to be gay should be no big deal. Because being gay is not big deal.

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