Teen Wolf’s Tyler Posey And Dylan O’Brien Talk About Each Other’s Butts

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 1.26.57 PM“It goes really deep,” Tyler Posey once said of his bromance with Teen Wolf costar Dylan O’Brien. We’re sure it does.

But just how deep? Well according to a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, ass deep.

Before this gets too weird, we’d like to remind you that these “teen” stars are actually both 23 years old.

“Dylan, has Tyler ever hit on you?” asked EW.

“Me more than anyone,” said Dylan.

“I kiss him all the time,” chimed in Tyler.

Then their costar Holland Roden offered some context. “They’ve seen each other’s butts probably more than I’ve seen either of their butts.”

Tyler seemed to disagree. “I don’t think I’ve seen your butt before,” he told Dylan.

“I’ve seen your butt multiple times,” reveals Tyler.

Next time you see it, please take a picture.