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Teen Wolves, the Bahamas, and Annie Liebovitz: This Weekend’s Queerest Shows

It is hard to even believe that we are writing this, but this weekend marks the debut of the new Teen Wolf series on MTV. Is there a gay angle? You betcha! And not just that its star took some shirtless makey-outey pics for XY a couple of years ago.

According to an interview with writer and producer Jeff Higbee, himself an admitted homosexual, the show will feature a gay character named Danny. It’s anyone’s guess how big Danny’s role will be, as Higbee admitted that “shows like Glee are far better equipped to handle the larger stories facing gay youth than a show about werewolves.”

Sorry but we have to disagree! Werewolves are possibly the only thing gayer than show choir. Hairy men bounding around in various states of undress? Woof.

Also not to be missed: Out in America, a PBS series that touches on Andy Cohen, Armistead Maupin, Chely Wright, Kate Clinton, James Hormel, and a whole bunch of other queers. Logo’s airing a documentary on Annie Liebovitz on Saturday, and Showtime airs the Bahamanian LGBT film Children of God this evening.

Head on over to GLAAD’s blog to catch up on more gay-friendly shows throughout the week.

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