Teenager Schools Romney On Gay Rights

Mitt Romney may have met his match yesterday.

A 15-year old student named Kevin Daly from Phillips Exeter pressed the Republican presidential candidate on his gay rights flip-flop.

“How can any of your campaign promises be trusted?” Daly asked.

Romney suggested the 15-year-old from Weston, Mass., had falsely stated that he favored gay marriage in 1994.

Around and around the two went, with Daly referring to a New York Times report about the gay rights pledge. The second time through, he mistakenly said the story detailed a “gay marriage” pledge.

That was enough for Romney.

“Even The New York Times hasn’t said I’ll be stronger on gay marriage than Ted Kennedy, even The New York Times,” Romney said. “I’ve never been an advocate of gay marriage.”

Ah, yes, pull out the old Kennedy card. Too bad Teddy isn’t running for president, putz.

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