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Teen’s incredible ‘coming out’ graduation speech is going viral for all the right reasons

Down on humanity? Well, give this a whirl: A graduation speech from a palpably nervous, ridiculously charismatic young man named Evan Young is making the rounds — and deservedly so. Without giving anything away, we’ll just say the brief video demands your undivided attention.

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Devoid of cynicism yet brimming with insight, Young’s rationale as to why he asked his best girlfriend out — despite the fact that he’s gay — has the potential to change the way you view your relationships. His speech becomes a persuasive appeal to reconsider our place in the world, and the ways in which we’re all connected — whether we like it or not.

Though it’s impossible to know what’s to become of Young in the years to come, one thing’s for certain: The guy’s going places. Encore!


We can disagree with each other and still respect each other.

Posted by Ashton Kutcher on Saturday, June 17, 2017

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  • dfwenigma

    This took place a while ago. But I absolutely felt this young man not only was going places but that he was extremely impressive. You could feel a small note of angst in his voice and yet…he was witty, intelligent and for the young at heart a very sexy young man. I’m sure he’s had to get out the flyswatter and baseball bat to keep the young men at bay.

  • michaelmt1009

    Adorable on so many levels

  • Terrycloth

    This was a while ago .school wouldn’t let him give his speach. There’s nothing new here , I expected a follow. Up from few years ago..does he have a boyfriend now ? Did he get married..how has his friends , realitves been treating him…etc…wish the kid the best..try for a follow up.article qyeerty..

  • dougrobnyc

    Bravo to this brave young man! His speech was very moving and truthful.

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  • He BGB

    Reminds me of a young John Waters.

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