Teens Kicked Out Of McDonald’s For Classin’ Up The Joint With A Gay Date

mcdonalds-gaysTwo teens in London must have mistaken McDonald’s for Burger King when they tried to have it their way with a romantic, candlelit dinner — only to get kicked out.

Cameron Ford and Adam Welland pulled out all the stops for a date night at Mickey D’s in Kingston, snazzying up their dining experience with a table cloth, flowered vase, electric tea lights, their own cutlery and wine glasses. The staff initially thought it was all in good fun, but then asked the guys to leave.



They refused to leave until they had finished their meal, but then a security guard was sent to remove them. Cameron and Adam have now been banned from that location. Meanwhile, turns out neither Cameron nor Adam are gay. According to them it was just a “stunt” but they don’t have a problem  with homosexuality. So was McDonald’s problem with said stunt the fact that they had decorated their table or that they were two males feeding each other French fries?:


h/t: PinkNews