Teens Kicked Out Of McDonald’s For Classin’ Up The Joint With A Gay Date

mcdonalds-gaysTwo teens in London must have mistaken McDonald’s for Burger King when they tried to have it their way with a romantic, candlelit dinner — only to get kicked out.

Cameron Ford and Adam Welland pulled out all the stops for a date night at Mickey D’s in Kingston, snazzying up their dining experience with a table cloth, flowered vase, electric tea lights, their own cutlery and wine glasses. The staff initially thought it was all in good fun, but then asked the guys to leave.



They refused to leave until they had finished their meal, but then a security guard was sent to remove them. Cameron and Adam have now been banned from that location. Meanwhile, turns out neither Cameron nor Adam are gay. According to them it was just a “stunt” but they don’t have a problem  with homosexuality. So was McDonald’s problem with said stunt the fact that they had decorated their table or that they were two males feeding each other French fries?:


h/t: PinkNews

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  • fagburn

    There is no suggestion homophobia was involved.

  • Thomathy

    To what end was this stunt performed? I don’t see a problem with the stunt exactly, but it’s not their prerogative to setup a fast food joint with their own accoutrements to dinner and expect not to be asked, even by the most patient of the under-payed staff to leave. I would have had them kicked out merely for being pretentious.

  • QJ201

    if it had been hetero couple, i doubt they would have been such pricks

  • balehead

    They were definably making the under payed staff earn their paycheck that night….More demonizing of the poor by the pretentious upper classes?…

  • Shadeaux

    This is too cute and very clever if you’re young and dining on a dime. This McDonalds should be closed just for the stupid reason they asked them to leave.

  • Cam

    I’m guessing a bunch of open flame candles on the tablecloth was part of the reason.

  • Dakotahgeo

    I can think of no better business to burn to the ground by an “act of God” then this place! AND the management and security officer along with it! Any normal business venture would be thrilled with free advertising like this. This is almost socially treasonous on the part of Mc’Duhs!

  • Caliban

    @Cam, they’re electric (battery powered) tea lights- no fire hazard.

    How exactly is it “extra work” for the McDonald’s employees if someone sets their own table? Far LESS work actually than people who let their kids run around and drop food all over the place, which has to be cleaned up. IMO it’s really a reach to turn this into a classist stunt unless they asked the workers to wash their silverware and glasses afterward.

  • Dxley

    This story doesn’t add up. Are these two boyfriends or just friends? I’m confused.

    Balehead should know what’s going on!!!

  • Christopher22

    Look they are two kids performing a ‘stunt’ (their word). They aren’t dating and they were not having an intimate moment. They wanted to get a reaction. They wanted to make a scene. They are not victims.

  • mlbumiller

    So, what was the reason they were asked to leave? Combing the article it is unclear.

  • Christopher22

    @Caliban: Extra work? No. But this begins a slippery slope. If the employees let people get away with bringing in stuff from home, what’s next? Someone dragging in their own table and chairs? How about an armchair and tv tray? Maybe the next people want a candleabra and violinist? A mariachi band? You know, this was a stunt. What stunt would their classmates pull to ‘top’ this one?

  • kurt_t

    I’m just pleased to see that the tradition of teenagers getting kicked out of McDonald’s lives on and has migrated to the Mother Country. And the clever use of combustible materials was a really nice touch. Cameron, Adam, this former juvenile delinquent will be slouching a little more horizontally today.

  • mattsy

    they look like little boys-creepy

  • balehead

    Why didn’t they pull this stunt at their parent’s country club instead…..

  • Jackhoffsky

    @balehead: BECAUSE THEY’RE YOUNG AND WHITE. Geez. You know they can’t get away with sh*t these days.

    And at a country club? Please. They would exploit their whiteness and throw them a parade… if for nothing else they would think their property values were going to double in the next year. It’s all so sad…

  • Polaro

    @Jackhoffsky: You can count on balehead to say something irritating, he’s a poor, angry, black woman with a grudge against successful, white gay gays. And, god forbid if they are cute, then he gets really bitter. I usually don’t read what he writes…but I did read your comment.

  • macmantoo

    As a manager of restaurants the only problem I would see is if they had brought in glassware that could break. Other than that I see absolutely no problem with what they’ve done. If the candles wasn’t really candles that would create no problem. There are some questions here, but until McD gives a reason for kicking them out, the only reason I could see is homophobia.

  • Mr. E. Jones

    I’ll wait for the film version from C*cky Boys.

  • Michael

    @Cam: They were battery powered tealights.. Read the article

  • mlbumiller

    Doing some search of some articles from over the pond, the management had a problem with their cutlery.

    From “The Telegraph”

    Mr Ford posted one along with the message: “Cheers to my beautiful boyfriend on our special night. Love you Adam.”

    He said the pair were “bringing romance to the next level”, adding: “We just thought the place needed a bit of class.”

    Mr Welland later clarified that they are not in a relationship and the meal was just for their amusement.

    Mr Peachey had originally posted a photograph of the two claiming that they were all being banned from the Kingston restaurant.

    But Mr Welland later clarified that this was because at the time they thought they were about to be kicked out but the staff member later backed down.

    He said: “We weren’t kicked out in the end, one staff member asked us to stop but he was outruled (sic) by others and customers”

    From the “Gardian” McDonald’s spokeswoman:

    “We are happy to provide plastic cutlery to those customers who request it.”

    “We ask that any items brought in by customers, such as cups or plates, are used responsibly and taken away with them after use.”

  • redcarpet

    I knew they couldn’t be gay. No self respecting queen would take a date to Mcdonalds, I don’t care how young and/or poor they are. ESPECIALLY if they are expecting butt sex later in the evening.

  • RevrnDale

    Well … Considering what is in McDonald’s food ..and the UNhealthyness of it ; McDonalds did them a favor ….

    However; on the other hand ; MickeyD’s is definitely showing their discrimination just as bad a Chic Fa Lay or whatever their name does ….

    It isn’t like they were in there tounging each other … EVERYONE who reads this article needs to begin e-mailing McDonald’s Corporate …. ASAP !!

  • AEH

    A stunt. For what purpose? Were they trying to make a statement? Or were they just being stupid teenage boys who think being gay is hilarious?

  • Mr. E. Jones


    I prefer butt sex before dinner, for obvious reasons. But you’re correct; anal requires a better dining expectation that McDonalds. All that’ll get you is a quicky handjob under the table.

  • Dxley

    @redcarpet: You give it all up on the first date? Wow! I’ll have sex with a guy on the 8th date, so that’ll be around 4 months later!!! But hey, we’re all different!

  • Deepdow

    I can’t believe none of you idiot commenters are seeing the beauty in this :

    that young straight guys can be totally relaxed like this and not be concerned about people thinking they’re gay, because they’re allies. SO WHAT that they got thrown out, there is a deeper message.


  • Caliban

    @Christopher22: You know what else is a slippery slope argument? That if you allow gays to marry then soon people will be marrying their pets! It’s unreasonable to deal with a current real life situation by conflating it with some fantasy *possible* (however unlikely) future event.

    They brought a tablecloth and a few gadgets into a McDonald’s. Far fewer item than the average mother hauls in with her (toys, bibs, blankets, sippy-cups, etc) kids. BFD. I’m hardly seeing a threat to civilization here.

  • EvonCook

    @Cam: Wondering if you can read or if you have no retention of facts stated? The tea candles were NOT OPEN FLAMES but “electric.” So, you gotta make up another excuse for the bad behavior of McD’s.

  • Bad Ass Biker

    @Cam: Electric tea lights. Did you read the article?

  • EvonCook

    @Christopher22: Don’t think you would recognize or admit a “victim” if it happened in front of you. Hope you get to have the experience sometime if only to sensitize your brain.

  • Dxley

    I can’t believe @Deepdow sees any “beauty” in this. What’s beautiful about this? Two horny straight fucks that are starved for attention?
    I think you need to look up the meaning of beauty. It’s clearly lost its sense to you. I’m glad these two things were kicked out. Don’t they have homework to do?

  • Teleny

    I hate MacDonalds any way. They are so unvegetarian friendly in the US but elsewhere in the world accommodate. BK all the way esp if you’re gay!

  • 2eo

    @balehead: Your attempt to troll accidentally hit the nail exactly on the head.

    They should have gotten a clip round the lughole for their pretentious assholery.

  • magicfeather

    This is so funny, I did this 40 years ago. I had a red Thunderbird convertable with a four foot panda teddy bear in the back seat and a candalabra in the trunk for formal dinners at McDonalds. History really does repeat it’s self.

  • myklet

    What if it were a heterosexual couple? It would have been romance. Good for these kids to be who they are and not care.

  • that_dude247

    Geez. Seriously, fast food workers have enough to deal with and these two want to pull this stunt?

  • RevrnDale

    Big Deal ! Who did they hurt ? Were the interrupting any business ? and; they DID buy that unhealthy McDonald’s food ….

    Should have been left alone …..

  • patricklee5150

    @Cam: The candles were battery powered electric candles.

  • Eiswirth

    @Christopher22: The next thing you know guests will want to marry their dogs!

  • Billysees

    What a beautiful story about a cute stunt.

    Lighthearted and humorous.

  • Billysees

    @magicfeather: 37

    magicfeather —

    Tell us more about your panda teddy bear and candelabra.

    What happened when you did your funny stunt ?

  • Kenny1948

    I’m no fan of McDonalds. That aside, I can see why they were asked to leave. They brought their own acutriments, and acted as if it were their own dining room. Under these circumstances I’m sure they would have been asked to leave almost anywhere. Haven’t you ever seen people turned away because they brought in their own drinks or something else that they did not purchase? Places of business are just that, business! They are not there to serve as picnic spaces, or private dining rooms.

  • Kenny1948

    @myklet: It had nothing to do with homophobia. They brought their own stuff, and acted like it was their private dining room. Anyone would have been sent packing for that stunt. Perhaps had they first asked permission, but at a fast food joint, I doubt it.

  • balehead

    The truth is never trollism…..Both boys think gay is something to make fun of….they are both pretentious little pricks…

  • Billysees

    @balehead: 48

    I don’t understand what trollism is. An internet search didn’t help any.

    As I see it, these two guys were using a possible gay-romance-scenario as part of their routine. Feeding each other french fries simultaneously is a giggle worthy part of such a scenario.

    I don’t see any offence.

    Who says they’re straight anyhow ?
    One or both could be in the closet.

  • ShowMeGuy

    @kurt_t: The candles were BATTERY powered flicker lights. NO OPEN FLAMES….except for the brains of the McD’s staff.

    My money is on the boy-boy factor being the issue….even in ol’ merry England.

  • ShowMeGuy

    @Kenny1948: McD’s sells food…for lack of a more fitting term….and drinks. The boys did in fact buy their meals from the McD’s. This McD’s threw away a perfect publicity stunt and good press. Instead they got BAD press….which is always free yet costs you so much more.

  • Billysees

    @ShowMeGuy: 50

    ” My money is on the boy-boy factor being the issue….even in ol’ merry England. ”


    @ShowMeGuy: 51

    ” …McD’s threw away a perfect publicity stunt and good press. ”

    If it got too good a press, that might set up an example for others to follow and that

    just wouldn’t be a good thing to happen in their type of restaurant.

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