Tel Aviv Makes Gay Tourism Push In Copenhagen

The World Outgames aren’t just a display of gay athletic prowess, but also operate as an opportunity for tourism boards to reach a captive audience. Melbourne, Rio and Amsterdam will all send representatives to this year’s games in Copenhagen, as will Israel, a nation where gay rights remain a matter of serious contention:

Copenhagen mayor Ritt Bjerregaard recently approached Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai and invited him to set up a compound at the event in order to promote tourism to the Israeli city…

Huldai appointed City Council member Itai Pinkas and the coordinator of the pride parade in Tel Aviv Adir Steiner to organize the project.
The two decided to erect the compound on the beach, and turn it into a typical Tel Avivian strip of sand, complete with paddle ball games, falafel and surfboards. “This is an opportunity to put Tel Aviv on the world map of gay tourism,” Pinkas stated.

The duo have enlisted a number of Israeli cultural figures, including gay filmmaker Eytan Fox, to represent Tel Aviv at this summer’s festivities. They’re also coordinating a massive dance party, because everyone knows we gays can’t resist a little rump shaking!