Tel Aviv’s Got Pride!


Approximately 3,000 gays gathered in Tel Aviv today to celebrate the Israeli city’s gay pride. The march—which other report as 15,000 strong—comes just days after right-wing legislators introduced a bill that would ban gay Pride and other “dangerous” gatherings in the holy city of Jerusalem.

Tel Aviv’s deputy mayor, Yael Dayan blasted the discriminatory measure:

This is a pathetic battle that isn’t worth having energy invested in it. In Tel Aviv we respect the strictly-Orthodox minority, and no one is demanding any preconditions of them. Therefore they certainly cannot have the audacity to demand its cancellation. Those objecting the parade are wasting time because in Tel Aviv there is no question as to the importance of the of the pride parade.

Though he doesn’t approve of the law, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert doesn’t think Jerusalem is the appropriate location for holding Pride parades due to the “special sensitive nature of the city,” his office said in a statement.

Hundreds of protesters gathered in Tel Aviv today to protest the gay event, but participants weren’t letting the haters dampen their spirit. One Marie Antoinette-costumed gay griped, “I am wearing a girdle, and I haven’t been able to breathe for an hour and I’m almost suffocating!”

No pain, no gain, right?