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Television’s New Gay Brutish Gladiator Who’s Making a Slave His Bitch

How many homosexual reasons do you need to subscribe to premium television networks? With a few exceptions, broadcast and cable are filled with stock gay characters, but it’s Showtime and HBO where the three-dimensional ones live. And now, on Starz, whose new Roman series Spartacus: Blood and Sand just added one hot, bad-ass gay gladiator to its ranks.

Played by Antonio Te Maioho (who, fittingly, had roles on both Xena and Hercules), Barca is described by the network as a “big, hulking brute of a man, an esteemed gladiator and also Batiatus’s bodyguard and sometimes hit man, Barca is second only to Crixus at the ludus,” relays AfterElton. “Though possessed of a temper and an imposing stature, he tempers this with the tenderness he shows his collection of birds and Pietros, a slave boy. He is free of guile, loyal to Batiatus but secretly pines to gain his freedom.”

Ah yes, the “sleeping with a slave boy” angle. You gonna find that on ABC?

See, this is exactly what every ancient soap opera epic needs. While there was some homo allusions on HBO’s Rome, and ripe opportunity on Showtime’s The Tudors, Starz’s first notable foray into original programming (oh, Crash counts?) is where we expect actual gay thrusting to happen. We’re not paying an additional $9.99/month for nothing.