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  • gay17

    It’s about time!

  • Mike

    Thanks Logo! Thanks for spending money on a show that we can already see on TBS, Lifetime and WGN (locally). What a GREAT use of your limited $$$

    Why is Logo around?

  • Gurlzz


    Not to mention on DVD. I think anyone who wanted to see W&G or L WORD, QUEER AS FOLK, BUFFY, etc. watched it when it was originally on or got it on dvd.

  • scott ny'er

    @Gurlzz: Yeah. I mean it’s been off the air for awhile now. And if u really want it, there is DVD.

    LOGO should spend the money on original QUALITY programming. Not this A-List BS. Or RuPaul crap. And that terrible Buffy (which really isn’t that gay).

  • ousslander

    How will they have room for it in between the buffy marathons?

  • Queer Supremacist

    The Gay BET is showing Gaymos ‘n’ Andy. This is news why?

  • Ian

    @scott ny’er: “LOGO should spend the money on original QUALITY programming”

    Absolutely!! I’d MUCH rather see more original programming like “Noah’s Ark” or imports like “Beautiful People” than Buffy & W&G repeats. LOGO is no different than BBC America doing something as ridiculous as showing 20 yr old repeats of Star Trek the Next Generation on PRIME time, rather than show us more of their own programming like Waterloo Road.

  • jj

    wow, clearly, none of you know anything about the TV industry. if Buffy, Will & Grace, A-List, etc. didn’t support the business, it wouldn’t be on the air!

    do you think spending millions and millions of dollars producing a few episodes of an original scripted show like Noah’s Arc is good business practice? is that smarter than spending that money on 194 episodes of Will & Grace, which is pretty much guaranteed to drive ratings and bring in advertisers and generate sponsorships (check W&G ratings history on other networks)?

    keep bitching and embarrassing yourself.

  • Ian

    Funny the only b****iness I’ve seen in this room is from the previous comment ;) That being said, well boo-freaking-hoo that people who pay hundreds of dollars for their tv channel packages demand something other than repeat after repeat originally from other networks to boot!

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