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TELL QUEERTY: Have You Changed Your Mind About the National Equality March?

Folks like Bilerico‘s Bil Browning flip-flopped on their support for the National Equality March (he was against it, now he’s for it!). Dan Choi is for it, and Julian Bond just said he is too. We keep hearing similar things from readers: Those who were against it are now for it, while plenty who originally supported NEM now have no plans of attending (or donating). TELL QUEERTY: Has your position changed?

Vlogger Philip Deal has this message about apathy for those who won’t join in Cleve Jones’ birthday celebration in October: You’re an apathetic punk. So, despite the shady tax status of the march, and despite (or because of?) HRC coming on board, has your stance on the Washington D.C. gathering changed?

(Read these carefully so you select the correct option. About by “support,” we mean the answer you would provide if a friend asks you if you think the march is a good idea.)

We also wanted to know how far your support goes. Are you donating cash to the march?