holiday cheer

TELL QUEERTY: How Are You Spending Thanksgiving?


No, we’re not going to sell your answers to advertisers. (But only because Jaindl Farms — home of the White House’s turkeys — aren’t currently a client.) But come Thursday, most of us will be surrounding ourselves with friends, family, loved ones, and ex-sexual partners who awkwardly RSVP’d to our mother’s invitation despite the extent of our relationship being a one-night stand. Especially if you fall into the latter category, we want to know what all of you are going to be doing! So, tell us:

• Who are you spending Thanksgiving with? Are you hosting it? Who are you most excited to see around the Thanksgiving table?

• Be honest: Is “Thanksgiving Dinner” more like “Maker’s on the rocks” at your local dive?

• Is this a holiday you look forward to? Or does it stress you out?

• Are you staying home, in town, or traveling afar?

• What dish are you bringing? Or most excited to eat? (It’s okay to say “pumpkin pie,” we won’t judge!) Or are you responsible for cooking everything?


• Have you ever brought your same-sex partner to your family’s Thanksgiving? Big deal, or no? (Or are you the ones hosting Thanksgiving, and inviting everyone else into your big, queer house?)

• Is there anyone about to mark a “first”? Like, “First Thanksgiving with our newborn,” or, “First Thanksgiving with my ex-wife … and my new husband.” Share!

Obviously the answers will be different if you’re single and 20 or married and 40, but fill us in on the big plans!