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TELL QUEERTY: How Can the Fire Island Pines’ New Owners Make the Place More Awesome?

By now you’ve heard Andrew Kirtzman (“journalist turned hotelier”), Matt Blesso (“one of the top 100 bachelors in New York”), and Seth Weissman (“26”) are taking over Fire Island Pines. At least the part that Eric von Kuersteiner and his (business-and-life) partner Tony Roncalli own, which is a lot. The deal, expected to close this week, has the trio sinking in $2 million of their own cash, $10 million from lenders actually willing to extend someone credit on a real estate deal, and $9 million from private equity types. The goal: Revamp, renovate, and resuscitate revenues. But how can the new owners make this place better? C’mon, let’s crowd-source the bitch out of this one.

We want to hear from Fire Island Pines veterans and newbies alike on how Kirtzman, Blesso, and Weissman (d/b/a/ FIP Ventures LLC)can make the place a better summer getaway. Does La Ciel’s hotel lobby need upgrading? (Does La Ciel’s hotel name need changing?) Should there be an Equinox or a David Barton put in? A guy standing at the ferry dock refusing to let in the uglies?

These guys are spending some $21 million to buy the place, and it’s only fair that we let you weigh in.

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