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  • Aaron

    At home, not in front of the TV, ’cause I don’t have one.

  • jman077

    I’m watching it at school on the big projector screen in the auditorium. Skipping lunch. My group of (very liberal) friends are hanging out. It’s gonna be awesome.

  • damien

    First I’m going to Ben & Jerry’s to get some Yes Pecan ice cream. Then, I’ll probably watch a little of it. (I’m a little impatient.)

  • The Gay Numbers

    I will be snorting coke off the ass of some out of work rent boy who used to cater to the GOP closet cases that once staffed DC’s elite.

  • Roy Pyatt

    Touching my self inappropriately while fantasizing about what it would be like to have equal rights.

  • boricuachick

    I’ll be at work and we don’t even have a TV in the building, LOL.
    Hopefully, I’ll be able to catch a streaming video on the net.

  • mark

    I’m going to go see MILK again, and remember when America had LEADERS.

    If there are people who turn their back on Rick Warren, I’m sure they’ll show footage on the NEWS. I’m so angry at Obama team over Josh Dubois sucking up to the Christian Reich, Warren, and Obama picking Tim Kaine to head the DNC…F*CK the Inaugural.
    I will miss hearing Aretha, but I have most of her CDs, so I’ll not go without.

  • mark

    @Roy Pyatt


  • dizzyspins

    going to Times Square to watch the inauguration on the Jumbotron!

  • The Gay Numbers

    @dizzyspins: wow- that’s dedication. It will probably be like 20 degrees out.

  • jim

    Going to drink in all the history in America’s first capital, Philadelphia. Philly is showing the inauguration on a jumbotron in front of Independence Hall.

  • Muscato

    We’re nine hours ahead, so it’s a prime-time event in these parts. The mister and I are hosting a biggish party. I don’t believe he’s perfect, but my God anyone who doesn’t think he’s a damn sight better than what we’ve had for eight years is a jackass.

  • JT

    Sheesh! Am I the only one who has to work in the middle of a Tuesday? ;)

    I’ll be imparting scientific knowledge and skills to eager teen minds, later to watch the inauguration on the Intertubes.

  • Sapphocrat

    Talk about a push poll. Who do I have to fuck to get away from all the Obama Messiah bullshit? The only thing I can’t wait for re the inauguration is that the gigantic clusterfuck will be OVER, and we can finally concentrate on what the Jesus Christ of Twenty-Year-Olds Who Never Voted Before is or isn’t actually fucking DOING.

    I’m with Roy Pyatt, more or less: touching myself/my wife inappropriately while fantasizing about what it would be like to have equal rights.

  • Ted

    I will be at work as it is the first day at my new (but very boring) job. Call me crazy, but probably not the best day to call in sick!

  • Coffee&Chicory

    I want to see Itzhak Perlman debut the piece Obama commissioned!!! I can not wait!

  • Tom

    Hoping by then maybe I’ll have a damn job. Or a rentboy. Or some coke. I’ll settle for a fat-free fudgsicle and a reach-around.

  • WTF

    Dunno about y’all, but I am gonna host me my very own vile gay leather inauguration ball!

    “Gay America Prepares To Party at Obama Inauguration”,2933,479932,00.html

    “I think most Americans would be put off if they knew what went on at these parties,” LaBarbera said. “Every special interest group has a ball of some sort, but this is not just any special interest group. More than half the country considers their behavior immoral.”

    LaBarbera’s group hopes to disrupt the Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend, held annually on Martin Luther King weekend for men with an interest in motorcycles and leather, by releasing details about the group’s plans.

    “They keep their hotel location top-secret because they don’t want conservatives to find out. But we know it, and we’re going to try to get it stopped,” he said. “This is the most vile event, and it’s being held at a swanky hotel where conferences regularly occur. Groups coming in after MAL won’t know what went on there before they got there.”

    [ROFL. You foil ’em, Petey! And send us your pics from MAL!]

    “We would never choose the route of bigotry or hatred,” said Rev. Patrick Mahoney, director of the Christian Defense Coalition, “as the gay community did when they lost Prop 8, by defacing and vandalizing churches and places of worship, and attacked people of faith because they did not share their beliefs.

    “For all their cries of inclusion and openness, there are few groups out there more intolerant and hateful than the gay community.”

    James T. Harris, a Christian conservative radio host who famously told John McCain to “go after” Barack Obama at a rally in Wisconsin, said he thinks the inauguration will provide a chance for conservatives to showcase their tolerance.

    “The gayer inauguration, the better,” Harris said. “I hope that all of San Francisco turns out, and turns the inauguration into a gay pride festival. Then liberals can see how open and tolerant conservatives are.

  • Matt

    Um…where is the choice for at work? I make over 250K a year so I need to work to be able to pay for Mr. Obama’s entitlement programs for the poor LOL.

  • L.

    Avoiding it like the plague!

  • Jon B

    I live here in DC. It’s already getting pretty crazy. They’re closing down streets, they’re telling us to bring empty bottles to the mall because there won’t be nearly enough bathrooms for the 4.5 million people expected to show up, and they’ve tacked Obama’s face to literally everything possible (I saw an Obama Energy Drink truck yesterday).

  • ousslander

    working then playing UNO and doing shots of tequila while avoiding the tv

  • Jimmy

    Getting my hair did at the Salon of course! A girl has to look good for those job interviews. Being out of a stable income for almost a year sucks!

  • geoff

    Either at work or at home watching ANYTHING ELSE. Obama is nothing but a sellout.

  • Buffy

    Since the RRRW thinks all we do is have sex I might as well have hot gay sex with my wife. I have no reason to celebrate the inauguration of that flip-flopping, RRRW pandering slime who is going to do nothing to advance our rights (and will likely harm them).

  • Charles J. Mueller

    From the Christian Defense Coalition; Their stated Mission:

    “our goal is to see all public policies and institutions based on the principles of God’s Word and the historic teachings of the Church”

    It don’t get no clearer than that folks.

    And people like this are not about to stop until all of our public policies and institutions are based on the principles of God’s Word and the historic teachings of the church.

    Interpretation? They want to take over our secular government. And they ARE succeeding…at a quantum pace.

    You thought Prop 8 on CA was a doozey? Brought to you by the nice folks who gave us the Inquisition.

    You ain’t seen nothing yet kids.

    The best is yet to come.

  • Tom

    Where will I be? Studying for my bleeding midterm exams, damn Board of Education.

  • Tom M

    I will be at a party at a bar in Mombasa, Kenya that is advertised to last until “???.” I’m sure everyone will claim to be Obama’s Luo 5th cousin.

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