Ten Reasons We’re Excited That Hunky Brit David Gandy Has Signed Onto The AbFab Movie

In January we were delighted to discover that an AbFab feature film is most definitely in the works, and now we’re hearing that costars will include the hilarious Rebel Wilson and gorgeous David Gandy.

The latter appeared in a one-off episode of the series in 2012. He told the Daily Mail at the time:

“People think I’m super-serious when I’m pouting for the cameras so I like to show I have a personality.”

Here’s hoping he shows a bit more personality than he does in this clip:

Still, we’re expecting good things.

And while we’re at it, here are ten reasons we’re looking forward to seeing more of David:

1. The prospect of more little white speedo.


2. He isn’t shy about morning wood.


3. He somehow still serves sexy confidence when he’s trying to act shy.


4. He dives deep.


5. And was using rope way before Christian Grey.


6. He knows how to get a dirty job done right.


7. Those eyes though.


8. He can make ugly underwear look amazing.


9. He’s a true believer in safety first.


10. Just like Patsy and Edina, he drinks his vodka out of a plastic water bottle when necessary.

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