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The 10 Worst Homophobes Among President Elect Trump’s Appointees


Hungry for a little outrage today? Get ready to get angry about some of the folks about to waltz in to the White House, courtesy of your friendly neighborhood Donald.

This may be, as some morally bankrupt Republican apologists claim, the most gay-friendly Republican president-elect in history. But if that’s the case, we’d hate to see the least friendly, because Trump has appointed some truly terrible people. Here’s a countdown of the ten worst:

10. Elaine Chao

Wrote for a think tank that says gay marriage causes abortion; worked to re-elect gay-marriage-opponent (and her husband) Mitch McConnell; she could dismantle civil rights protections at the Department of Transportation

9. Nikki Haley

As ambassador to the UN, this gay-marriage opponent could reverse US policy abroad and encourage the criminalization of homosexuality

8. Tom Leppert

Says marriage is “one man and one woman,” and will have a leadership role in the Social Security administration — you know, the people in charge of your retirement and disability payments

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7. Bill Pryor

argued that gays should arrested for having sex, and also straight couples if they’re not married; if Donald appoints him to the Supreme Court, we’re just 1 vote away from a majority that would overturn marriage equality

6. Ken Blackwell

On transition team, says that gay marriage causes mass shootings

5. David Clarke

Under consideration for Department of Homeland Security, says that gay marriage could start another Civil War

4. Michael Flynn

Mocked trans servicemembers and could push to have them discharged

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3. Betsy DeVos

Major donor to ex-gay backers, will be in charge of nation’s schools

2. Tom Price

Wants to allow insurance companies to deny coverage based on sexual orientation

1. Jeff Sessions

As attorney general, could argue before the Supreme Court that marriage should be overturned

Whew. Quite a rogue’s gallery.

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