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Tennessee Rep. Threatens To “Stomp” Trans Women Using Changing Room

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When Tennessee State Rep. Richard Floyd (R-Chattanooga) read about the saleswoman who was fired for bullying a trans woman in a Macy’s changing room, he flew into a blackout rage.

Oh, not against the bigoted staffer—against the trans woman who dared pollute the sacredness of a department store dressing room.

So Floyd introduced a House bill that would require transgender people to use the designated bathroom of their birth sex. It would also, whether intentionally or not, make it illegal for parents to take a child of a different sex into a public bathroom or changing room. Same with caregivers to opposite-sex disabled people.

But that alone isn’t enough to get him crowned Douche of the Week.

He assured his victory by inciting violence against transgender people, telling the Times Free Press:

“…if I was standing at a dressing room and my wife or one of my daughters was in the dressing room and a man tried to go in there – I don’t care if he thinks he’s a woman and tries on clothes with them in there—I’d just try to stomp a mudhole in him and then stomp him dry. “

Now before you ask, we had to look up the term “mudhole” too.

According to, it’s “a hole, or hollow place, containing mud, as in a road.”

That’s awful random. Maybe he was referring to this definition?

Floyd’s rant to the Times Free Press gets worse:

“Don’t ask me to adjust to their perverted way of thinking and put my family at risk. We cannot continue to let these people dominate how society acts and reacts. Now if somebody thinks he’s a woman and he’s a man and wants to try on women’s clothes, let him take them into the men’s bathroom or dressing room.

“The potential for pedophiles and molesters to come into the restroom and claim the same thing, that they think they’re of the opposite sex and they think they’re something else, something they’re not, they can do the same thing that transgender people do.”

Except Macy’s has a policy allowing trans people to use the dressing room of their choice and molesters aren’t kicking in the door to abuse it. It’s just not happening. (Of course, if Floyd did carry out his threat of violence, we hope it’d be against this kind of trans woman.)

Thankfully, it doesn’t look like this insanity will go too far: Tennessee State Sen. Bo Watson withdrew the Senate version of the bill, saying “I understand Rep. Floyd’s passion about the issue, but we have more pressing issues before us that we need to focus our attention on and we don’t need to get sidetracked.”

Sen. Watson, you’re totally right. As for Rep. Floyd?

All together now: What a douche!

Image via TNReportTV

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  • DiatribesAndOvations Another embarassment for the great state of Tennessee. These backwards righties think they live in 1950s Mayberry with Aunt Bee and Opie and need to get in touch with reality.

  • joec

    Oh, what I wouldn’t give to see a drag queen go off on this idiot in person; have fun getting stomped with some stilletto heels, prick.

  • Cam

    “”It would also, whether intentionally or not, make it illegal for parents to take a child of a different sex into a public bathroom or changing room. Same with caregivers to opposite-sex disabled people.””

    So a mother couldn’t take her 3 year old son into the ladies room, but she is not allowed to go into the men’s room with her.

    I would love to see somebody write an article that asks why this rep is so determined to have children be alone in adult public bathrooms.

  • Steve

    threatening assault and battery, classy!

  • the crustybastard

    Imagine a trans person publically threatening to stomp Christians for getting Jesusy in public.

    “War on Christianity!” no doubt.

  • Crysta

    I wonder just how he would deal with a SINGLE PARENT, with an “opposite sex” child…

    These religious nuts need to be cracked open. I would so love to go there with a few VERY MANLY FtM friends of mine, and have them ask a simple question “So, sir, are you saying my friend here with the muscles and beard, should use the womens room, and I (who have a figure close to Angeline Jolie) shouldnt?”

    I’m all for getting a few dozen well passing people, on both sides, to shock these idiots into reality with an “OMFG, I didn’t mean it that way…” “Well, what way DID you mean it then?” discourse :p

    Goddess forbid one of these monster bills actually passes, I fully intend to do a protest in front of the restrooms in that states capitol, with signs.

    “I’m supposed to use the womens restroom.” for a VERY manly FtM
    “But I’m not.” for a nicely feminine MtF

    See how long it takes them to remove the bill…

  • Abel

    That this pitiful bozo was elected anything is a disgrace to the state of Tennessee, but that state seems to have its share of idiots running things. He and his generation will die off in the next decade or so, and things will really improve then. Hurry up and die, you old coot.

  • Jenn

    I wonder, how does he handle places with unisex dressing rooms such as Old Navy?

  • Jeremy

    This old turd would break a hip trying to “stomp” anything.

  • Cam

    It’s amazing how all these old bigots are constantly thinking about rape and child molestation etc…

    The Mormon Church is the same way. They are telling parents not to let their children sleepover at others houses.

    I’m thinking, gee, what a GREAT message to your good Mormon followers…”Sorry, you’ve been great, but your childrens friends can’t stay at your house because you might be rapists.

  • perdeep

    And to add to everyone’s great points about all the things wrong with his reaction, I’d like to also point out that of course he uses language like “stomp” to express his hate. Stomping has all the nazi skinhead connotations of racial violence, which is probably how he views the world–if something isn’t like you, it is a danger to you and you must eradicate it to show power. Bigot all around.

  • Queer Supremacist

    I would LOVE to see this old cracker breeder goy try it and get kicked in the nuts by a pissed off trans woman in high heels with a VERY pointed toe.

    Bring it on, you piece of Aryan shit.

  • Cherry

    @Cam: LIKE!

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