Tennessee Rep’s Attempt to Ban Schools From Gay Talk Won’t Go to Vote


Don’t Ask Don’t Tell forces gay armed service members to cloak their sexuality. But a Tennessee bill branded “Don’t Say Gay” would have force the state’s teachers to cloak, well, anything and everything about homosexuality. State Rep. Stacey Campfield in January introduced the legislation that would keep schools, and the young minds in them, free from the scary world of sexuality by prohibiting teachers from even speaking about it in the classroom. “Teachers need to stick with reading, writing, and arithmetic,” he says. “It confuses a lot of children that are already in a difficult part of life, and it’s a very complex issue.” Hey, ya know makes that “difficult part of life” even more difficult? Not being able to speak openly about your sexuality. Or, let’s say, gay writer Tennessee Williams, who last we checked still counted as an important part of America’s education. Luckily the House’s education committee decided yesterday to hold off until at least next year before voting. But you can still share your thoughts with Rep. Campfield!

His office phone is (615) 741-2287, email is rep.stacey.campfield@capitol.tn.gov, and publicly available home phone is (865) 524-3725.