That's Some Fucked Up Shit

Tennis Coach Likes Teen Panties

By far one of the more bizarre things we’ve heard.

A tennis coach accused of having a sexual relationship with a 13-year-old admitted wearing the child’s knickers.

When police searched Claire Lyte’s home they discovered the pink underwear in a gift bag containing massage oil and lotions.

Lyte, who coached at the Lawn Tennis Association’s academy in Loughborough, wore the underwear at least twice.

The former coach, from Shirley in Solihull, told the court she did not realise she was wearing them even though they contained the girl’s name.

She said: “I wouldn’t knowingly wear a pair of her pants with her name tag in them.”

But you’d keep ’em in a bag full of lotion? That’s pretty fucking disturbing, so we’re leaning toward “teacher totally wore little girl’s knickers”.