Terence Koh’s Jesus Erection Offends

Everyone’s a critic! Parents and the pious are incensed over artist Terence Koh’s Gone, Yet Still at the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art in Gateshead. From UK’s Daily Mail:

A gallery has offended the church by exhibiting a statue of Jesus with an erection.

Gone, Yet Still, features 74 plaster models ranging from Mickey Mouse to ET, with the 1ft high depiction of Christ with an erection a central figure in the artwork.

Outraged visitors and church leaders have criticised the artist and Baltic bosses for disrespecting the Christian faith.

Dad-of-two John Monaghan, 33, of Heaton, Newcastle, said: “I feel this sculpture is overstepping the mark with regards to respect.”

Doesn’t that depend on the size of Jesus’ erection?