In Which The Artist Receives Angry Letters, Replies With Love

Terence Koh’s Jesus Erection Offends II

New York-based artist Terence Koh received plenty of complaints after his controversial show, Gone, Yet Still. One irate missive read,

I went onto your website after hearing about your sculpture of Jesus Christ the Holy Son of God and I shouldn’t be surprised from what I saw, pornographic muck, what sort of a mind do you have? This is not art it is filth how do you dare vilify the Holy son of God!

The woman goes on to say she’ll pray for Koh’s demented soul. While some would react with equal ire, Koh takes the high road, writing,

Thank you so much for praying for me. I deeply appreciate it and need it. I know that I have sinned greatly and myself have prayed in private recently for the forgiveness of what I have done. I only hope the Lord will forgive me as he is full of generosity and spirit.

Fire with fire, baby!