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It’s been a terrible 24 hours for Ivanka Trump and things are probably about to get even worse

It’s been a rough 24 hours for Ivanka Trump.

The former first daughter has been trending nonstop on Twitter after CNN published a bombshell report claiming she’s begun “distancing” herself from her father because she is terrified of going to prison wants a “less complicated life for her family.”

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According to 12 former Trump White House officials, family friends, acquaintances, and other members of Trump’s klan, Ivanka’s had enough of her dad’s constant complaints about how the 2020 election was “stolen” from him, how he’s should be “reinstated” as president in August, and other nonsense. So she’s breaking up with him.

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Since the report came out, people haven’t been able to stop talking about it. Most seem to agree that, while she may want nothing to do with her father, there’s no way in hell anyone’s ever going to forget the role Ivanka played in his toxic administration. History will always look back on her as complicit and an enabler.

Here’s what folx are saying…

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Oh, and speaking of that whole investigation into the Trump Organization, ABC reports:

A special grand jury impaneled by [Manhattan D.A. Cyrus Vance Jr.’s] office has already called several witnesses to provide testimony as it considers whether criminal charges are warranted against the former president, his company, or any of its employees, sources previously told ABC News.

Sources familiar with the investigation say that Vance is expected to decide how to move forward with the case before his term ends in January, which would likely leave his successor to see any prosecutions through to trial.

Among the Trump Organization employees Vance’s office is said to be investigating are CFO Allen Weisselberg, COO Matthew Calamari, and Calamari’s son, Matthew Calamari Jr., who works as director of security. In addition, of course, to Donald, Eric, and Ivanka.

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Hang onto your hats, folx, because it’s probably going to be a wild six months.

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