Terrifying Homosexual Anarchists Plan Peaceful Candlelight Vigil for Dec. 20th

Join the Impact, the grassroots group responsible for organizing last month’s national day of protest, is continuing its effort to raise awareness about marriage equality by planning a candlelight vigil for this Saturday, Dec. 20th at shopping centers and public spaces around the country. Dubbed “Light Up the Night“, the event asks protesters to refrain from, well– protesting, saying on its site that “singing and/or silence encouraged…chanting is not” and “we will stay silent unless asked a question, we will not yell, instigate, or bear signs” and that it’s all “in the holiday spirit.”

So how will Wal-Mart shoppers know that what they’re seeing has anything to do with marriage equality? Well, Join the Impact says, “We will let our shirts do the talking” and tells protesters holders-of-candles that they should “Dress alike. Wear the same t-shirts or signs pinned to your coats” and helpfully provides a link to purchase a “Second Class Citizen” t-shirt. Not everyone likes this idea, with one commenter on the site saying, “I won’t be part of anything that says, look at poor me a “second class citizen”. That even means standing with a group of people wearing such a degrading slogan. We are a creative community we can do so much better.”

And while this sounds like the Debbie Downer of marriage equality protests (standing silently in the cold while holding a candle is hard), the event is the culmination of Join the Impact’s National Food Drive for Equality, originally started by a group in Cleveland, which is donating food to faith-based food pantries, including ones that oppose marriage equality. The idea behind both events is to put a positive face on the gay community, to say, “Hey, we can do more than just march and disappear for a day! We can also donate food and stand silently in the cold.”