Terry Miller: An Appreciation

terry-miller-shirtlesSummer is just another reason for Dan Savage’s crazy hot husband Terry Miller to take his clothes off.

This man stayed out of the spotlight while the couple raised their son, but now that he’s through high school and headed off to college, Terry’s trading in his job as a stay-at-home dad for more lucrative and exciting projects like modeling Mr. Turk bikini bottoms and hosting fetish parties at Seattle’s finest leather establishments.

Terry Miller is a 43-year-old dreamboat that deserves your double-tap on Instagram. Check out what he’s been up to in the last two months alone:

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  • Jonathan26

    He’s yummy.

  • montserrat

    I really hope I don’t look this sad trying so desperately to cling to any remnants of youth when I hit his age but who knows.

  • Cam

    He looks great for his age, but, I think he might need to get out and do something, lets just say, those are a LOT of “Striking a Pose” shots on his own account. It comes off kind of narcissistic and needy.

    However, in fairness, he’s going through the empty nest syndrome and I’m sure a lot of stay at home moms do the same thing, joining a gym and Yoga class when the kids are finally gone etc… And he must have the patience of a saint to be married to somebody that continually shines a light on your sex life in their column. lol

  • Frank Lee Mideer

    @montserrat: AS IF!

  • Niall

    Up until that last week, I was going to say there’s so little Dan Savage on his instagram, which is weird, seeing as they’re married.

  • James Hart

    Terry Miller is a lot hotter than Dan Savage. I wonder if he has a boyfriend on the side.

  • Tackle

    I don’t see the hotness at all. Just your average middle age man on
    testosterone therapy .But yes better than Dan. @James Hart: And since they have an open relationship, Both probably have their favorite side pieces.

  • LuckyboyLA

    [email protected] ‘cling to remnants of youth/at his age.. Oh brother, r u ever in for a rude surprise when u hit 40. Think UR gonna be a 22 y.o. Twink forever? And @cam, great for his age, needy, narcissistic and needy? You wish you looked that good at the beach.
    @James Hart.. A bf on the side? Really? They just sent their kid off to college. I’m so dismayed at the level of snarkyness displayed by the current crop of under 30 gay men. Maybe it’s ‘cos I in LA. Or maybe I’m just old enough to know better. I know when I was 23 what Men like MS Dan & Terry looked like to me. Big juicy,hunks of maleness I’d give a nut to get me in bed.

  • LuckyboyLA

    OMG, another one posted as I wrote a rebuttal! @Tackle, if all took was Androgel to look like that at 43 you would too. I’ve seen same comments about those Brit Rowing Club boys that do the nude calendar. A couple cranks comment they “obviously” use steroids. Wouldn’t know a mans build that used ‘roads if they got F#*€d by one. Any guy with a better body/ goes to the gym uses steroids. I’m grandpa age /60. That means I came out in the 70’s. And not n2 hearing any reactionary crap from my homo-bros in 2014 after years of fighting for equality. It doesn’t mean free to be a dick to each other like this snide queenside s#%t

  • hassia

    @LuckyboyLA: I totally agree with your comment.A lot of people commenting think they are going to look the same as they do know in 15 years. That is if they look good now. I will be fifty in 7 months and I can say that I have seen the changes that men go through once they reach the end of their 20’s.In most cases it is not pretty. Mr Miller takes care of his body and the kids are jealous!

  • ontheupandup

    I think Terry and Dan seem well-suited for each other, open relationship or no. And for what it’s worth, Dan has only gotten better-looking as he’s aged–the gray REALLY works on him–and he’s gotten a bit more muscle-y himself in the last five years than I ever remember him (and I’ve been following him for over 20 years). Combine that with his activism, wit, and that beautiful brain of his…I think Terry is as lucky a man to have Dan as vice-versa.

  • ontheupandup

    @ontheupandup: I haven’t been actually following Dan. I reread that when it posted and I sound like a stalker!

  • spencer87

    Um……why is this hunk with DAN SAVAGE? Very low standards.

  • Southstguy

    I believe their son is 16, so unless he’s very advanced, he’s still in high school. One parent who talks about sex for a living and the other models swimwear? I’d be mortified.

  • Alan down in Florida

    @Southstguy And I would think I had the coolest parents ever.

  • vive

    @LuckyboyLA, no, Androgel wouldn’t do that. To look like this you need a rather heavier steroid regimen than just Androgel. Not that there is anything wrong with it, but let’s stop pretending it just takes “hard work.”

  • Cam


    Your hysterical Fangurl commentary aside. Please stop pretending that my commentary wasn’t on the money. Look, if a woman was nearly 50 and walking around in a thong and posting multiple pictures of herself to her Instagram accounts etc…. you all know what we would be thinking. “Awwww, she looks good, but wow, how needy and insecure is she”

    Don’t get all pissy because a guy is getting the same commentary.

  • Southstguy

    @Alan down in Florida: You would’ve thought it was cool if your mom was a bikini model when you were 16?

  • James Hart

    @spencer87: Beats me. I agree with you!

  • Hank

    there’s something wrong with me, or anyone else think Dan more attractive than Terry?

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