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Test Your Skills at Predicting the Next Big Gay Icon: Is Yelle the new It?

We’ll never forget the first time we heard the name Lady Gaga: “Oh, God, not another talking-baby sitcom,” we thought. Okay, so sometimes our first impressions are way off the mark.

So we’d like to defer to you, Queery readers: is Yelle destined to be a new gay icon? Our buddy Zach over at The New Gay sure seems to think so, comparing her to Robyn and Katy Perry and Hot Chip (which we haven’t heard of but we assume is a sitcom about a talking cookie). In fact, he says, she’s better, claiming that Robyn lacks depth and Katy Perry had some negative things to say about gays. We’re not sure what that’s a reference to — her song “UR So Gay” perhaps?

Yelle certainly seems to have the cute factor on her side, with her precious accent and shy demeanor. When she talks about learning to dance (“you have to do something with your booty, move your booty”) we were all like awwwwwwww. And she already has a built-in gay fan base, about whom she says “they are not shy.”

So, what’s your take? New gay icon or funny-talking weirdo?