Testes Leaving Scientific Mark

Testes are wondrous things.

Using spermatogonial progenitor stem cells (SPCs) obtained from the mouse’s testes, the researchers were able to redirect the cells’ development in the lab to form so-called “multi-potent adult spermatogonial-derived stem cells” (MASCs).

It was these cells that went on to develop into working blood vessel (endothelial) cells and tissue, as well as cardiac cells, brain cells and a host of other cell types.

[Says researcher Dr. Shahin Rafii] “…It appears that these unique specialized spermatogonial cells could be an easily obtained and manipulated source of stem cells with exactly the same capability to form new tissues that we see in embryonic stem cells.”

Who knew?

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  • Bill Perdue

    So that’s why we get those midnight cravings for manmilk. Who knew?

  • pessullivan

    “easily obtained” that’s an understatement. I’d bet they’d a have an a line waiting outside the clinic on a daily basis.

  • adamblast

    I myself am willing to jack off as much as possible if it will help Micheal J. Fox.

  • vince

    coming soon, a ban on this research because a sperm is half of a human life. and we’re promoting a culture of life.

    so stop discovering shit and let the people die.

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