Testosterone-Fueled Blind Item Madness!

New York Post‘s recent price hike really pissed us off, but it’s “Just Asking” head scratchers like these that make it worth that extra quarter:

• Which actor – married with child – and known to have been gay during his years on stage – showed up at the premiere of his film at the Tribeca Film Festival with a boy described by onlookers as a lookalike?

• Which grizzled action hero has been consuming so much alcohol and cocaine it’s affecting his work? He can’t remember his lines, and then loses his temper.

• Which buffed-out Hollywood star – who loves showing off his bulging muscles – wishes he were a little more bulging in another department? According to people who’ve seen him naked, he’s overcompensating with muscles he can make bigger.

Flex that brain muscle of yours and squeeze out some guesses…