Texan Gay Not Impressed With “Old Fart” Chelsea

Chelsea Clinton’s non-whorish campaigning took her to Texas last week, where journo Daniel A. Kusner found himself underwhelmed by the former first daughter’s “soft” gay talk.

My question came next: “I noticed during the gay rights question, you kept using the word ‘civil’ throughout your answer. Why can’t your mother stoop low enough to grant full, equal marriage rights for same-sex couples? Or is the word ‘marriage’ too sacred for the Clintons?”

“Civil unions is what my mother has supported for as long as I can remember. I’m 27, ” Chelsea said.

“But the word ‘marriage’ is off the table, right?” I asked.

“Well, sir … She’s always supported civil unions,” Chelsea said.

Chelsea Clinton is 27 years old, and her forum is a college campus. So why is she speaking like such an old fart? Even Jenna Bush can tell Diane Sawyer that some of her fathers’ policies are too complicated for her to necessarily agree with.

Oh, snap!