Texas A&M Deemed Too-Anti Queer To Host Transgender Conference

Oh Texas A&M, you are a red-blooded embarrassment to the Lone Star State’s LGBTs. Not only do your conservative students have no idea what real gay porn looks like but they spend their time voting in the Student Senate to cut your school’s funding for the gay center in half. So is it any wonder that your school has been deemed too unsafe to host the third annual Texas Transgender Nondiscrimination Summit? No, no it is not. That’s why they’re holding it at the University of Houston instead.

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  • dellisonly

    I am more surprised that they would choose Aggieland to host it in the first place than I am that they moved it

  • Sid

    A&M is an academically solid school whose people do good work. But their militaristic campus social environment is just scary. Even the architecture is conservative and oppressive. I wouldn’t consider enrolling or working there, and I have no doubt it would be, at the very least, a distracting place to hold a transgender summit.

  • Dr. Dick

    sweet jesus that’s one dreamy hunka man!
    good going queerty, now i’m all hot & bothered @ work

  • Josh

    I went to A&M for undergrad and had so much fun I went back for grad school four years later. By and large, the student body is very accepting. Unfortunately, the small minority that isn’t is the most vocal (isn’t that always the case?).

  • Jason

    Queerty should correct the post – it isn’t the university, it is a small group of ultra right-wing students who have decided to wage war against the LGBT community. I am disappointed the university has not done more to deal with this hate group, but this is NOT the university’s doing.

  • Juliet

    Actually, The University of North Texas would be a smarter choice. They had the first OPENLY gay student body president and they’re got a very large GSA from what I’ve seen at Dallas Pride.

  • Daniel S

    Seriously, As a current student at Texas A&M and a gay man I have to say that moving the conference is a horribly misguided choice. First of all, those anti-gay buffoons are a small, albeit annoyingly vocal, minority. Second, while the atmosphere on campus has became more heated over the last semester, it has never even come close to becoming violent. In fact, these issues have sparked much needed debate on campus and have given a voice to A&M’s gay community. The only thing moving the conference accomplishes is giving a victory to that anti-gay minority. Why, at this critical time in gay rights history, would you abandon ship when you should be pushing back and showing them that we are willing to stand up for our rights and we won’t let them intimidate us.

  • Daniel S

    Before anyone says anything, I know the difference between gay and trans-gender, by gay rights I meant the rights of all the GLBT community

  • Joetx

    They’ll beat people up @ A&M for walking on the grass (they even beat up fellow Aggies). It’s an ass-backwards school & an embarrassment not just for LGBT Texans, but Texans in general.

  • Daniel S

    @Joetx: You are the one being ignorant here!

  • Joetx

    @ Daniel S:

    What I wrote is true.

    Plus, cheerleaders of opposing teams have been attacked on the football field.

    Finally, your Student Senate voted to cut the LGBT center’s funding in half (apparently w/o much opposition, I might add). That’s hardly the work of a “small…minority.”

    A&M is ranked #17 by the Princeton Review under the least LGBT-friendly list. At least y’all are bad as the University of Dallas (#7), Baylor (#11), or SMU (#16), right?

  • Daniel S

    @Joetx: Where is your information coming from, please send me a link to an article outlining an instance where violence was used against someone walking on the grass (walking across the grass is a common activity participated in by many Aggies, including myself, especially when we are late to class). Also send me a link pertaining to these cheerleaders who have been brutalized, if in fact you are not confusing this with articles about the opposition to our own cheerleading team( Traditionally school spirit has been doweled out by yell leaders and when a competition squad was formed some people were afraid they would interfere in the yell leaders traditional roles, here is a link and I apologize in advance for the source material ). And finally our student senate voted to support the house bill calling for equal funding for a Traditional and family values center, they did this because the true motivation behind the bill(which many believe included purposefully cutting LGBT center budgets) was hidden from them, after the bill was vetoed by the president the senate had to vote to see if 2/3 of them would overturn the veto. By this time the true nature of the bill had come out and the Texas Aggie Conservatives had made their bigotry known, armed with all the information the student senate voted not to overturn the veto.

  • Vicky

    Wow, thanks for erasing my identity by labeling me as gay. I’m trans, not gay. Homosexuality is not an umbrella term.

  • Joetx

    @ Daniel S – You have a computer & internet access. You look it up.

    Don’t try to rationalize the actions of your senate.

    I stand by my statement – A&M is an ass-backwards school.

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