Texas Bill Would Limit Transgender Marriage Rights

For a state that gives a lot of lip service to individual liberty, Texas state legislators seem to go out of their way to find ways to restrict LGBT rights. The latest: a bill designed to make it harder for transgender people to marry.

Senate Bill 1218 would require people to present photo ID to obtain a marriage license. It’s not because the bill’s sponsor, State Sen. Donna Campbell, believes that only heterosexuals are drivers. It’s that the bill would stop transgender people from using an affadavit of sex change to get a marriage license to marry an opposite-sex partner. Because nothing says liberty more than changing the law to restrict rights.

Texas being Texas, Campbell’s bill has passed the state Senate. The defenders of homophobia in the legislature have been on a roll this session. Another bill would allow students to ignore their school’s nondiscrimination policy because of the Bible! And then there was a failed attempt to defund LGBT centers at public universities. Good thing there aren’t bigger issues for the legislature to worry about like huge numbers of uninsured, dead last ranking in number of high school graduates, and national top producer of hazardous waste. That way the legislators can’t distracted from what really matters: figuring out ways to make life worse for its LGBT citizens.

Photo credit: Donna Campbell’s Facebook page.