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Texas Cub Scouts Keep Homosexual Father, Clearly Intent on Brainwashing Youth, From Serving As Pack Leader

Jon Langbert, a Dallas-area dad, won’t be able to serve as a leader of Pack 70, his son’s Cub Scout group, because he’s a homo.

For the last two years Jon Langbert has organized a popcorn fundraiser for Pack 70 at University Park Elementary. Then at a September Scout meeting, someone complained about his homosexuality, Langbert said. He said he was told this week that he can’t wear the Scout leader shirt he was given last year and that he cannot serve in a leadership position because of his sexual orientation. “What message does that send to my son? It says I’m a second-class citizen,” Langbert said.

Hey, but great news: He can still serve as the help!

Robert McTaggart, the Cubmaster for Pack 70, said Langbert will be allowed to continue as a popcorn fundraiser. That position is not considered a leadership role and can be held by a volunteer.

Of course Langbert should’ve seen this coming: Like the Boy Scouts of America, Cub Scouts prohibit gays from serving in leadership positions. Which means Langbert won’t be able to adopt a The Jungle Book name (as is tradition for Cub Scout leaders). On the plus side, if he pulls his son out of the Scouts now, there’s a great chance he won’t be molested in a few years.