Texas School Responds To Gay Teen’s Viral Video, Reveals Systematic Child Abuse

wallis-video-656x475Earlier this week we posted a video from a gay Texas teen in which he shares his emotional story of being asked by his high school principal to go back into the closet or face expulsion.

In the video, 17-year-old Austin Wallis intentionally does not name the school, but it was only a matter of time until someone connected the dots.

The Texas Observer did just that, tracking him to Houston’s Lutheran High North. They reached out to the school for a comment, and Dallas Lusk, head of school at LHN, sent the Observer a statement from Wayne Kramer, executive director of the Lutheran Education Association of Houston. The association covers three schools, including LHN, which has an enrollment of 162.

Here’s what it says:

“Lutheran High North welcomes all students and their families to the LHN community. We profess and proclaim our Christian beliefs with the foundations and authority taught in the Bible, all within the teachings of the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod. We respectfully require students to adhere to these accepted values and moral beliefs. Sometimes, as in this case, students have to make choices and decide whether their beliefs align with our community and we respect their choices. We also respect student privacy and do not comment on any individual student or their actions.”

So according to the school, being gay would fall under an unaccepted value and/or moral belief. This is the kind of religious garbage that convinces kids that something is wrong with them, and that it’s their fault if they choose not to “denounce” being gay, as if that were a thing people could do.

In the email the Observer received, Lusk also wrote that students are banned from promoting “anything sinful,” and pointed to a “morals clause” in the student handbook.

It reads:

“Lutheran High North reserves the right, within its sole discretion, to refuse admission of an applicant and/or to discontinue enrollment of a current student participating in, promoting, supporting or condoning: pornography, sexual immorality, homosexual activity or bisexual activity; or displaying an inability or resistance to support the qualities and characteristics required of a Biblically based and Christ-like lifestyle.”

Since when was psychologically damaging kids “Christ-like?”

Parents, if your child attends a school with a “morals clause” directly targeting LGBT students, please consider alternative means of education. The world isn’t slowing down for you, so catch up.