Texas Senate Bill Would Defund Campus LGBT Groups Because They “Promote High-Risk Behavior”

bill zedlerTexas state Rep. Bill Zedler (R-Arlington) has filed an amendment to a general appropriations bill that would cut funding to universities with LGBT organizations on the grounds that they encourage high-risk sexual behavior.

Zedler’s measure, which could be voted on as early as Thursday, would hit schools with “gender and sexuality centers and related student center[s]” and prevent public money from being used “to support, promote, or encourage any behavior that would lead to high risk behavior for AIDS, HIV, Hepatitis B, or any sexually transmitted disease.”

Yes, because denying young people access to information about safer sex is how you prevent STIs.

The University of Texas at Austin, Texas A&M  and the University of Houston all have dedicated LGBT resource centers, reports the Dallas Voice, though the Texas A&M student government is considering a measure that would allow students to opt out of having their activities fees fund the school’s center if it contradicted their religious beliefs.

Equality Texas’ Daniel Williams hopes the states’ LGBT community and its allies reach out to their elected officials and speak out against the amendment: “If the community mobilizes and lets the 150 members of the Texas House know that this amendment is hurtful and represents antiquated stereotypes that belong in a bygone era, we can beat it,” he said.

A similar amendment was proposed last year, but was eventually withdrawn  after Democrats threatened to sink the bill it was attached to. Let’s hope history repeats itself.

 Photos: Bill Zedler’s Facebook, Duke University